Tasker app is had made automation simpler and easily straight from your mobile phone the password. It can be found on the Google Play Store. It was developed, João Dias. According to a report from XDA Developers, the new update of Tasker (version 5.11.14), will allow Google Assistant to activate your Tasker tasks.

Brian talks about Tasker in the Google Updates video:

So you can say, “Hey Google, run my task.” Imagine all of the specific tasks that you have already set up with Tasker. It’s all accessible now with Google Assistant voice commands.

To be more specific; Here is an example of the commands that you can do; you can say: “Hey, Google turn off my lights with Tasker.”

You can also substitute command actions like:

  • “run”
  • “start”
  • “send”
  • “set”
  • “do”

These commands are not always available with Google Assistant unless the app you are using allows those commands. Otherwise, Google Assistant responds by saying that he/she does not understand.

Tasker also allows more functionality to Google Assistant by using a combination of tasks in one command. For example, you can say: “Hey Google, turn off my lights and (run this task). If you have a task set up in Tasker for your PC or specific room lights, Google Assistant runs the tasks as you ask it, in order.

You can also set up routines if you have them set up in Tasker. For example, you can say turn on my lights in 5 minutes. This means that Google Assistant will activate the Tasker task that you’ve already set up. It automatically allows 5 minutes to pass before turning your lights on. The time ‘5 minutes’ could already be a built-in task in Tasker.

Supercharge Google Assistant with Tasker! by the developer of Tasker, João Dias.

Running your Tasker tasks with Google Assistant also allows you to create or set new variables. What does that mean? You can now activate a task with specific parameters. For example, let’s say you have a Task called “Testing,” and you have saved parameters within the ‘Testing’ task. Let’s call them ‘Variable 1″ and “Variable 2.” You can activate the task and get it to do the specific action that you’ve already set. You can say, “Hey Google, Run Testing with Variable 2.” This just opens up a wide range of capabilities for your Smart Home.

Running Tasker tasks with Google assistant is a compelling way of automating your home or automating or just running any of your tasks. Using Tasker is also not for the faint-of-heart. You can make complicated tasks easy with Tasker. However, there is a learning curve to understand how your devices can work with each other. The power of Tasker and Google Assistant can really open up the number of things you can do in your smart home. Maybe it’s time to start playing with Tasker.