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Ring Works With Google Home (Here’s How to Set It up!)

Ring Works With Google Home (Here’s How to Set It up!)

In recent years, a wide range of smart devices including doorbells and smoke alarms have seen a surge in popularity. One of the options is Ring.

Some of you must be curious to know whether your Ring device works with Google Home or not. As a matter of fact, yes, to some extent, Ring is compatible with Google Home, but there are certain restrictions that you have to tackle.

I have thoroughly explored this topic, and below is my detailed analysis. Stay with me till the end and get your questions answered.

Let’s get started!

Is Ring Compatible With Google Home?

Google’s answer to the home automation trend is Google Home, which is now known as Google Nest. It lets you connect all of your smart devices to a single hub.

Indeed, Ring is somewhat compatible with Google Home (among other devices). Yet, being matched with Google Home, Ring can generally carry out the roles of a standard doorbell with only a couple of additional items.

You’ll encounter significant functional limitations due to their affiliation with distinct rival businesses. You won’t be able to watch the video, talk to people at the door, see what’s going on with the cameras, look at recordings, arm your Ring alarm, cast your screen on Chromecast, or hear the doorbell ring. Instead, you should get Alexa.

Both iOS and Android devices can use the Ring app, and the Google Home app lets you use many of the features of Ring devices.

When you use Ring doorbell with Google Home, you can do a few limited things with your Google Home-connected devices, such as:

  • Checking the status of your Ring’s battery
  • Checking the status of your Ring’s motion alerts
  • Checking the most recent time the doorbell rang

Is Google Home compatible with Ring Doorbell?

The Ring doorbell, like other Ring products, works with Google Home and Nest, but only in limited ways.

However, with just a few add-ons, Ring can mostly perform the functions of a standard doorbell with this pair.

As the name suggests, the Ring Doorbell is a product from the company that serves as a traditional doorbell with a few added features.

It can be installed without the use of wires and has a camera so that you can see who is ringing your doorbell. It also has two-way communication, so you can talk to the person at your door without having to answer it. However, it will need to be charged on occasion if it’s not wired to an electrical supply.

However, you’ll need to purchase Alexa for this function because Google Home doesn’t support it.

Connecting a Ring Doorbell to Google Home

First, let’s say you already have an app and a Google Home set up on your iOS or Android device.

  • Open the Google Home app (you must first set up your Google Home and download the Ring app).
  • Click the + icon,
  • Then select Set Up New Device – Have Something Already Set Up.
  • Select the device you want to link.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to allow Google to control your device.
  • Select Allow, then tap Done.


  • Open the Google Assistant Ring services web page on your desktop or laptop computer.
  • In the top right corner of the screen, select Send to device.
  • Select the device you want to link to Ring.
  • On your phone, you will receive a notification that you need to link Google to your Ring account.
  • Click on the notification and enter your Ring username and password.
How you can add Ring Doorbell to Google Home.

How to Use Ring Doorbell with Google Home?

Once set up, the Ring and Google Home apps should let you set your preferences.

If you intend to connect multiple Doorbells to your Google Home network, this includes giving the doorbell a name and adding additional users.

Now, let’s set the Doorbell Name:

  • Open the Google Home app,
  • Go to Home Settings,
  • Enter your doorbell’s name, and then click Save.

You can also add more users to your Ring Doorbell by following these steps:

  • Go to Settings in the Ring app’s menu.
  • Click the + icon to add a new user’s email address.
  • Click Assign Role to choose between Owner, Shared User, or Guest User.
  • Click Send Invite.

What Is a Better Way to Control Ring Doorbell With Google Home?

As part of its efforts to provide a more unified user experience, Google has included quick-access controls for all connected Google Home devices in their most recent Android operating systems.

So, the best way to control Ring Doorbell with Google Home right now is with an Android phone running the most recent version of the operating system.

Can you Operate Ring Lights With Google Home?

A short reply to this question would be Yes! But as I have discussed earlier, there are some limitations to it. You will not be able to enjoy all of its functions.

However, you can adjust the settings of your Ring Lights by making use of the Google Home App. For instance, you can reduce or enhance the lights with the help of voice commands.

Ring Lights can easily be connected to Google Home. All you have to do is go to “Home Screen” and then click on the “Plus” icon. Now you can tap on “Setup a new device” and add your “Ring Lights” to it.

Does Nest or Alexa Work Better With Google Assistant?

There’s a sense of skepticism regarding a company’s fairness whenever it supports third-party options for something that the company itself provides. They naturally want you to purchase their product.

Given that Nest is now owned by Google and that their home automation platform has been renamed Google Nest, you would expect it to work better with Nest devices.

This is especially true when it comes to their rivals at Amazon, who offer an entire alternative platform in competition with Google.

Alternative Doorbells That Work With Google Home

Arlo Video Doorbell• Ultra-wide 180-degree video
• AI-based motion detection
•AI-based object detection
• One-touch pre-recorded message response and continuous recording options
• Built-in siren to deter intruders
Eufy Video Doorbell• Customizable motion zones.
• Motion detection alerts
• Encrypted footage
• High-quality HDR video (up to 2K) is included in the package.
Remo S Video Doorbell• High-definition video
• Advanced motion detection
• Two-way talk feature with customizable motion zones
Alternative Doorbells which support Google Home.


Is the Nest compatible with the Ring Doorbell?

With very limited functionality, Ring Doorbell does work with Google Nest, Google’s home automation platform formerly known as Google Home.

Is Ring Doorbell Compatible with the Google Nest Hub?

Google Home Center, a focal control gadget for dealing with your different brilliant home gadgets, is viable with your Ring Doorbell, as well as some other Ring gadgets you might have, yet with exceptionally restricted usefulness.

Is Google Home compatible with Ring Floodlight?

Motion-sensitive security light with built-in camera functionality is the Ring Floodlight. Ring Floodlight, like other Ring devices, works with Google’s home automation platform.


  • The universe of home automation can be a little confusing on occasion, with various stage makers and various gadgets to use with those stages.
  • The majority of third-party device manufacturers work to ensure that their products are as compatible as possible. After all, increasing sales of their products are in their best interest.
  • Having said that, since it’s not always possible to make a device compatible with all systems, you should always ensure that the device you are considering is compatible with your platform for home automation.
  • In addition, before selecting a home automation platform to purchase, if you have not yet done so, it may be worthwhile to investigate the compatibility of any devices you are considering.

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