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Does Amazon Fire HD 10 7th Generation Allow Screen Mirroring? (Find Out!)

Does Amazon Fire HD 10 7th Generation Allow Screen Mirroring? (Find Out!)

Unfortunately, there’s no built-in option for Screen Mirroring in Fire HD 10 (7th generation), but there are still other ways to do it.

Nowadays, it’s second nature to connect your tablet or smartphone to your television because it’s a very convenient way to use all of your favorite apps and watch content from your phone directly on your TV.

I’ll show you how to connect an Amazon Fire 7th Generation to a television because not all Amazon Fire tablets allow you to mirror your tablet to the television.

And in this guide, I’ll also show you how to connect the seventh generation of Amazon Fire tablets, as well as other Fire tablets, to your television.

Let’s get to it right away!

How to Connect Fire HD 10 (7th generation) to TV?

To cast video and connect the Fire 7th Generation wirelessly, there are a few options. One famous choice is interfacing utilizing a remote presentation dongle — an HDMI dongle permits you to remotely show content from your Fire tablet to your television or media streaming gadget.

Therefore, you can connect your Kindle Fire or Fire HD tablet to your television using Amazon’s Fire TV stick.

What Is FireOS?

While most Android tablets support screen mirroring locally, Amazon runs a custom rendition of Android called FireOS, which doesn’t give you full access to all that is on the Google Play Store.

Instead, it provides you with its app catalog. While Amazon Fire tablets used to support screen mirroring, they ended this element on tablets released in 2015 and later.

Which Amazon Fire Tablets Support Display Mirroring?

Display mirroring is only supported by the Fire HDX 8.9 (4th Gen), Fire HD 8 (5th Gen), and Fire HD 10 (5th Gen) Amazon Fire tablets.

Display mirroring may not be possible on newer Fire tablets, but there are still a few ways to do so, even if you have a more recent Fire Tablet.

However, keep in mind that you’ll need to download an app outside of the Fire Tablet app store because the method requires you to sideload it from the internet.

Let’s take a look at how to cast your 7th Generation Fire HD to your television right away.

With Fire TV

Connecting a Fire TV device to your television is required for this method, which is the simplest way to cast content from your tablet to your television.

Also, since this is an Amazon product, you can use it to play movies from your tablet to your television.

However, keep in mind that the tablet and the Fire TV stick both require access to the same Amazon account.

When you affirm this, just head out to the film you need to watch on Prime Video. Once you tap on the movie you want to watch, you can scroll through the vast library.

The option labeled “Watch on Fire TV stick” should now appear. Your movie will begin playing on your television once you select this option.

Although this isn’t considered “casting” in the traditional sense, Amazon only allows you to use it. When you cast to your Fire TV stick, an exciting feature is that your tablet serves as a second screen, showing you information and tidbits about the movie as it plays.

Check out the following video to learn more about Fire HD 10 mirroring to TV:

Fire HD 10 mirroring to TV.

Using Apps from the Google Play Store

As I mentioned above how to cast from your Fire HD tablet to your Fire TV stick, but sadly, that is the only method that is approved by Amazon for casting to your TV.

Using MHL cables, Google Chromecast, All Cast, Miracast, etc., you can still cast from your tablet. However, to use any of these methods, you must first sideload—that is, install the Google Play Store app from a third-party website.

As a result, you’ll need to locate the APK file—which is an installer file—and install the Play Store application on your Fire tablet because Amazon’s Fire OS doesn’t include the Play Store app in its app store.

With this, you can install apps from the Play Store and use their casting capabilities. The good news is that installing these files does not necessitate rooting or hacking your tablet.

How to Install Google Play Store on a Fire HD Tablet?

As previously stated, you cannot download Play Store to your Fire tablet from the app store.

Google Account Manager, Google Services Framework, Google Play Services, and the Google Play Store app are the four files you need to download.

The Fire’s HD tablet Play Store cannot function properly without the first three apps.

NOTE: Before you begin this process, remove your SD card.

Before installing the Play Store, you must first enable installation from outside the native app store on your Fire tablet. After that, you will need to download the aforementioned files and install them.

Let’s take a look at the specific steps needed to complete this.

Files from Unknown Sources must be allowed to install

On your Fire tablet, you must complete this step so that you can install the Play Store app. This setting is off by default to prevent you from installing malicious software by accident.

To switch it off for a brief time, these are the means:

  1. Go into the settings of your tablet.
  2. Continue scrolling until you find Security & Privacy. Tap it.
  3. Apps From Unknown Sources should appear as an option. Choose it.
  4. Find Silk Browser. After you tap that, look under Allow From This Source for a toggle button. Tap it.
  5. Installing the apps, you need to get Play Store working on your tablet will now be possible thanks to this.

Presently we should get to download every one of the four records we referenced before. Check the model and version of your Fire tablet first. Navigate to Settings > Device Options > About Fire Tablet to check your model.

Take note of it, and then look for System Updates under Device Options on the same page. You should now be aware of the Fire OS version that is installed on your tablet.

Now, start downloading the three files you need for Fire HD 10 (7th generation & older)

File NameFile Version
Google Account Manager v5. 1
Google Services Frameworkv5.1
Google Play Services32-bit ARM, Android 5.0+
File names & their Versions.

Download and Introduce the Google Play Store application on Fire HD Tablet

Whenever you’ve downloaded the three records above, you simply have to download the Play Store application, which is all-inclusive for all models and operating system variants of Fire tablets.

Let’s get started putting everything that you’ve downloaded into place:

  1. Open the Files app, which might also be called Docs, depending on the Fire tablet you’re using, to install the files. Your application for managing files is here.
  2. To view the files that we have downloaded recently, go to Downloads.
  3. In order to clearly see the filenames, switch the app to List View. In order for this method to function properly, these apps must be installed in a specific order. Issues may arise if this order is not followed.
  4. Install the following apps:,,, and
  5. Additionally, when installing each app, press Done rather than Open. Take note that these filenames will begin with the titles here but will be preceded by numbers and alphabets.
  6. Whenever you’ve introduced them all, you want to reboot your tablet. Therefore, proceed with that.
  7. Your brand-new Play Store app should appear on the home screen after you restart.
  8. Log in using your Google account now. The apps you want to cast from should now be available for download.
  9. If you find any bugs, it could be because the files are always getting updated to the latest version. After about ten minutes, you should be able to use them just fine

You have it now! Now that the Play Store is installed, you can cast to an Android TV or Fire TV stick, download YouTube and Netflix, and more.

Cast through Fire television or Chromecast

Open up the applications you need to cast from, which you downloaded from Google Play Store.

Let’s begin with, for instance, YouTube. Simply hit the cast icon—the rectangle with a WiFi symbol in the bottom corner—while the video is playing to cast to a Fire TV stick or Chromecast device.

If both your tablet and the device are connected to the same WiFi, it will pull up your display dongle.

The YouTube video should now be playing on your TV after you select the device.

Connect with Roku

Your Roku device also supports casting, and you can connect to the television with the Play Store apps.

Simply open your Netflix app, press the cast button, and select your Roku device as described above.

Check to see if your Fire Tablet and Roku are both connected to the same WiFi network if your Roku isn’t listed there.

Cast your Fire Tablet With The Help of an HDMI link

There are a couple of outsider tablet-to-television HDMI connectors that you can buy online that will permit you to mirror your Fire screen to your television.

You can look for a connector link for the telephone to the television, and you ought to get a link with a miniature USB or Type-C port that you can utilize.

This mirrors your tablet with an MHL (Mobile High Definition) cable. Because they restrict streaming, paid apps like Netflix, Hulu, DirecTV, and Prime Video may not work with it.

Additionally, you’ll need to install an app from the Play Store, such as MiraPlug. Your tablet can now connect to the TV thanks to this.


How can I link my Kindle Fire 7 to my television?

The only way to connect your Kindle Fire 7 to your television is with a Firestick. You should be able to see an option that says “Watch on Fire TV stick” when you open the movie you want to watch on Prime Video. When you tap that, your video will play on your television. You’ll need to sideload the Google Play Store on your Kindle Fire 7 to cast from other applications.

Does the tablet Amazon Fire 7 have an HDMI port?

No, there’s no HDMI port on the Amazon Fire 7 tablet. You can, in any case, utilize an MHL (Versatile Top quality) connector to reflect your Fire tablet to the television. However, you should sideload the Google Play Store application to download the application that permits MHL associations.


  • Sadly, Fire HD 7th generation doesn’t have a built-in display mirroring option, but you can cast it through MHL link, Miracast, and All Cast.
  • Moreover, there’s no HDMI port on Amazon Fire 7 tablet, but you can use an MHL connector to cast the tablet on a TV.
  • Therefore, even if you own a newer version of Fire HD 10, you can enjoy your favorite programs on a bigger screen.
  • To be able to mirror your screen onto a larger screen is such an amazing experience that everyone should be able to do it, so here in this article, we have discussed certain ways to cast your Fire HD 10 (7th generation) screen onto your TV.

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