Zoom coming to Google Assistant-enabled Smart Displays by end of the year

Video calling has connected billions of people around the world, especially in the last couple of months. If you can’t meet in person, video calling is the next best thing. The Nest Hub Max with Google assistant connects you to your audience with Google Duo and Google Meet. However, soon, you can use Zoom to Google Assistant-enabled Smart Displays like the Nest Hub Max by the end of 2020.

Ways You can Use Nest Hub Max and Google Assistant to stay in touch

Video Call with Zoom, Google Meet or Duo

Using Smart Display’s like the Nest Hub Max, you can say “Hey Google, join a meeting” using Google Meet. Remember, you can connect with up to 100 people using Google Meet. However, soon, you’ll be able to use Zoom to connect or join a video call from other Google Assistant-enabled Smart Displays. Now you will be able to go from one group call to the next.

You can create groups with the Google Duo Mobile App. You can then ask your Nest Hub Max “Hey Google, make a group call.” while tapping the group that you want to reach. You can also leave messages by saying, “Hey Google, leave a video message for Brian.” You can also use your phone to send a video message so that it plays when the person walks up to the Nest Hub Max.

Put your Special people in Household Contacts – Speed Dial

You can set up a Household Contacts for the people you video call every day, or need to contact easily. After setting up the Household Contacts, anyone in the home can say “Hey Google, call Alan” or use the Nest Hub Max and tap on Alan’s name in the household contacts list. It’s that easy.

Broadcast to room or specific device

Now you can broadcast your messages to a specific device or room. You can say “Hey Google, broadcast to office, ‘Dinner is ready’.” You can also let your family know that you’re on your way home on a Google Assistant-enabled phone by saying, “Hey Google, broadcast ‘I’m on my way home.'”

More ways to Video Call using Google Assistant-enabled Smart Displays

It looks like Google has made video calling easier and simpler on Google Assistant-enable smart displays by adding Zoom by the end of 2020. You will be able to go from one video call to the next by using either Google Meet or Zoom. This will give you one more option to connect to the next virtual family reunion or conference call. Google wants people to stay connected while staying safe, by giving you the video calling option of your choice.