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Yeedi K600 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

Yeedi K600 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

The Yeedi K600 (or K602G) Robot Vacuum Cleaner has been in our house for over a month now. The K600 has been cleaning our basement and rooms. The Yeedi has been put through its paces on the carpet, hardwood, tile, and rugs of different thicknesses. I have even put it under furniture to see how it responds. I have been comparing it to our tried and true veteran iRobot Roomba 600 series vacuum cleaner which has been in our house for at least 10 years (our first one). I’m hoping that the Yeedi K600 is a good Robo-vac for your home. Let’s get started on the Yeedi K600/K602G Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review. I took a ton of pictures of the Yeedi K600 in action too.

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Yeedi K600 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Before you get ahead of yourself. You need to know that the K600 Robot Vacuum Cleaner from Yeedi is not connected to your smartphone nor does it require WiFi or connect to your Voice Assistant, so technically, it’s not a Smart Vacuum Cleaner. However, for those like me that want a vacuum cleaner that cleans the space by itself, let’s continue talking about the Yeedi K600 Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

The Yeedi K600 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is approximately 13 inches in diameter and just over 3 inches tall. It does fit under most furniture and actually fits in between most chair legs. It weighs a nice 6.7 pounds. The K600 has a power button on the top and comes with remote control. The remote control has a start button (play) and directional controls. The remote also has a home button (return to charging station), spot cleaning, and wall edge cleaning mode. The Yeedi K600 also has a charging base for automatic recharging. That’s right! When the vacuum cleaner is done – it will go find the docking station and recharge.

The Yeedi K600 is equipped with a rubber-lined bumper and numerous infrared sensors to prevent high-speed collisions with walls and furniture.

The Yeedi K600 has a huge dustbin. Actually, it’s really big considering the size of the iRobot Roomba 600 series dust bin. I put them beside each other and it looks like the Yeedi is slightly bigger. It’s quite easy to eject and insert the dust bin from the Yeedi K600. The dust bin also incorporates three (3) filters to separate the fine dust from the particles it finds on the ground.

Under the hood (underside), the K600 has two rotating brushes to push the dirt to the center of the robot-vac. It also has a multipurpose rotor brush/skimmer to collect the particles.

Yeedi K600 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Features and Performance

I have another robot vacuum cleaner in the house. It’s a pretty good brand. I wanted to make sure of the price and suggested performance that it actually meets the needs of your home. Robot vacuums need some attention, but when you have your room set up for cleaning, you can just leave it by itself and let it run. That’s what you want. You also want the robot vacuum cleaner to actually pick up the dirt, not just skim the surface and pick up dust. I have kids, but I’m the one who’s messy. I want my vacuum to work. And you want the robot vacuum cleaner to be able to run more frequently to keep your room or space maintained. It’s not meant to clean a mess. It’s mean to pick up particles over a couple of days of traffic in the home.

The Yeedi K600 worked really well. It picked up unpopped popcorn kernels really easily. There were some light particles like tissue paper that it pushed around and left behind but when the vacuum cleaner came over the same path, it picked it up. The Yeedi K600 is really quiet too. Yeedi says that the vacuum cleaner runs at less than 50 dB. I would agree. It’s a quiet Robot Vacuum.

Intuitive and simple: The remote control is quite intuitive to use. You can sit there and control where you K600 goes, or let it run in the space you put it in. I recommend an area of 200 sq.ft of living space to ensure the robot vacuum travels over everything in the space. However, if you let it run frequently, then it’s going to keep the area clean.

Spot Cleaning: I also used it to manage small spaces on rugs after a movie night of popcorn and chips. It worked well. It picked up pretty much everything and stays within a 6 ft radius of the spot where you started the ‘spot cleaning’ command.

Multi-surface: The K600 was able to manage thick rugs, although it slows down and you can hear the robot vaccum trying to keep everything running. When you double-tap the power button, you activate the Turbo-mode! Then it starts working hard to pick up hair.

Otherwise the K600 managed carpet and hardwood floors really well. The two rotating brushes helped keep push the particles to the center, but sometimes you’ll see the brushes push the particles away from the center of the vacuum (where the particles are sucked up).

Wall Edge Cleaning: When you run your Yeedi K600, you’ll notice that the Yeedi does not automatically trace the walls. In fact, it will use its sensors to avoid walls and turn around. However, when you press the Wall-Edge Cleaning Button, the Yeedi K600 will find the walls and trace them, around furniture legs and keep going until it needs to re-charge. It’s actually a really good feature because it then focuses on the one area in the home where all the dust and particles accumulate.

Collision Avoidance and Stairs: Most vacuum cleaners at the same price range (entry-medium) don’t handle other stationary objects very well. I mean if there was a table leg, most competitor robot vacuum cleaners would hit the object at a good speed. The K600 stops or slows down well ahead of the object and turns to avoid the object. In some ways, I’d think the sensors need light to ensure it ‘sees’ the object well. I noticed that some shadows make the robot vacuum cleaner turn. I think that’s just the science of devices running on sensors. The K600 also avoids falling off the stairs. I let Yeedi start in front of the stairs and let it go a couple of times, it stopped and turned each time… phew

Recommendation: The Yeedi K600 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Yeedi K600 is definitely a really good option for entry-to-medium level robot vacuum cleaners. The K600 has all the features comparable to the original iRobot Roomba 600 series which was approximately $400 USD a few years ago. The Yeedi K600 retails on Amazon for $130 USD. You’re going to get some value here.

The Yeedi K600 is quiet, priced well, and does enough to keep your living space clean. I think the Yeedi K600 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is ideal for apartments, and optimal for room sizes up to 200 sq. ft. and runs for almost two hours between charges. I really liked the Yeedi K600 Robot Vacuum Cleaner (hence the amount of information in the review). The price for the vacuum cleaner is really competitive and encourages you to have one in your home.


Sunday 3rd of January 2021

what kind or type (model)of batteries does it use and where to buy it?