Wyze Updates for Wyze Cam Outdoor, Wyze Bulb, and Wyze Band, and wait…Cam Plus?

The Wyze Labs company gave me some pop-up notifications in the Wyze App the other day. Thought I should share and write about, so you know. Well, Wyze has added support for the new Wyze Cam Outdoor. Yep, that’s right. A new Outdoor Camera is ready and waiting for you if you don’t already have one. Wyze has also added firmware support for the Wyze Bulb, Wyze Band, Wyze Cam Pan, Wyze Cam V2, and Wyze Scale.

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These updates are straight from Wyze’s Support site:

Wyze Cam Plus

The General Wyze App came out with the new Cam Plus service. Yes, that’s right, Wyze has gone to the subscription service to record full-length videos, receive alerts when people are detected and secure your videos for days. Now the subscription cost is a paltry $1.99 per month per camera or $1.25 per month per camera on an annual plan. If you got caught up in the Wyze Cam craze in the last two years, you might have to start adding up that bill per month if you want cloud support. However, if you have the SD card, you can still use that.

You can use the EBIRD code to save an extra 20% off your first year of Cam Plus.

Wyze Cam Pan and V2 Firmware Update

  • Added support for Person Detection on CMC videos (2.12 app update required)
  • Improved CMC camera stability
  • Improved Wyze Cam performance
  • Fixed an issue which could cause Wyze Cams using CMC to reboot
  • Other bug fixes

Other than the fixing ‘other bugs’, Wyze has added support for Person Detection on CMC videos. They have also improved CMC camera stability and improved Wyze Cam performance. I have wondered why some of my Wyze Cams do that. Now I feel better.

Wyze Band – Google Fit and Apple Health

Wyze has integrated the Wyze Band into the Google Fit and Apple Health apps. This is huge. Now you can get a well-priced smart wearable and have it integrated into Google Fit and Apple Health – don’t need to manually enter that information anymore.

Wyze Sense Bridge Firmware Update

Wyze says that they have added status light control and removed the Bridge reset button functionality for the Wyze Sense Bridge. Looking for more information on why they did that. My Wyze Sensors disconnect quite frequently, so will they automatically reconnect now?

Wyze Bulb Firmware Update: Sleep Routines and Reconnect Button

Wyze Bulb Sleep Routines

The Wyze Bulb has added support for Sleep Routines. This means that you can add a Wake Up function to fade the light like sunrise before you’re wakeup time. Similarily, you can also you can also add a Bedtime Routine where you can fade down the light to simulate sunset before you’re bedtime. Good of Wyze to add this, since it’s becoming an automation that can really improve your health. Google has been giving developers this option in recent months.

Wyze Bulb Reconnect Button

Wyze has added a Reconnect Button, for those times when you know, your Wyze Bulb disconnects. This happens often, however, in order to give some easy recompense, Wyze has added a Reconnect button give you an easy way to bypass the WiFi connection configuration (which takes minutes sometimes). Yeah, made it easier. Now, if Wyze can reduce the number of times your Wyze Bulb disconnects, we’d be golden.

Wyze Scale Firmware Update

Wyze has increased the age range for body composition analysis to 100.

Wyze Cam Outdoor Firmware Update

For those who have now received their Wyze Cam Outdoor (WCO), you probably should receive a firmware update right away. Wyze has added motion detection logic besides the built-in PIR sensor when motion Events are triggered.

There also cases where the night vision turns off too quickly in low-light situations. They are fixing that.

The Wyze Cam Outdoor Base Station has also updated their firmware to resolve issues with IFTTT that caused faulty motion detection status.

Wyze Firmware Updates

It’s great to see that Wyze is continually updating their firmware to fix bugs and improve user experience.

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