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Wyze Cam V3 vs. Wyze Outdoor (Which is Better)?

Wyze Cam V3 vs. Wyze Outdoor (Which is Better)?

Wyze has created two outstanding products, the Cam v3 and the Outdoor Cam, but the question arises which one is better?

This is ultimately determined by the camera’s intended use and location. In this blog, we’ll address your concerns and describe the key advantages of each alternative.

Choose the Outside Cam if you need a camera for outdoor activities, connectivity anywhere, and general use. The Cam v3 is the finest choice for a long-lasting camera with an amazing capacity to capture images in low light.

Generally, these cameras have extremely similar capabilities and achieve equivalent goals. Both have 1080p HD resolution, are water and dust-resistant, and include infrared sensors for nighttime motion detection and a variety of other user-friendly features.

The Outdoor Cam, on the other hand, is wireless, so you can carry it anywhere without worrying about battery life. The Cam v3 is wired, but it has a better ability to shoot photos in low light.

The Wyze Cam V3

The Wyze Cam V3 placed on a roof for security
The Wyze cam v3, placed on a roof for security

Wyze Cam v3 is now in its third generation, which means the business has been able to make some much-needed design modifications, making this their best model to date.

When comparing the Cam v3’s image quality to that of any previous model, there’s an obvious difference in terms of capability and quality. A narrower aperture allows twice as much light to enter through.

With more frames per second and a new 1080p resolution, this camera produces high-quality images. This new model now includes the breakthrough “Starlight CMOS” sensor, which allows you to examine photographs that are ordinarily 25 times dimmer.

In addition to its superb visual quality, this product has excellent hardware qualities. This camera comes with a magnetic mounting kit, but it may also be attached with screws for a more versatile installation.

This device’s IP65 water and dust resistance make it a great choice for outdoor use.

The Wyze Cam Outdoor

Using Wyze Outdoor while RVing
Using Wyze Outdoor while RVing

When comparing the Wyze Outdoor Cam to the Wyze Cam v3, it’s clear that the Wyze Outdoor Cam has more premium features, including several of the Wyze Cam v3’s. So, what characteristics of this camera separate it from all other cameras?

The software on the camera has a 1080p HD resolution, which results in high-quality photographs. There’s also night vision, with the camera triggering a 25-foot illuminating light to shoot photos in poor light. 

The camera’s standout feature is PIR infrared technology, which allows it to detect thermal detection and distinguish between persons, animals, and other types of moving objects, such as trees.

Wyze Outdoor is distinguished by its hardware. It has the same IP65 protection as the cam v3, but instead of wires, it contains a rechargeable battery. 

This enables it to feature settings like “Travel Mode,” which allows you to disconnect from WiFi and carry it anywhere while still having full access. For example, this can be incredibly useful for outdoor adventures.

Wyze Outdoor Cam vs. Wyze Cam v3

Learn more about the differences between Wyze Cam3 and Wyze Cam Outdoor

Using a more analytical approach to determine the best course of action may be your best option. If so, the following table compares the most important characteristics of each.

FeaturesWyze Cam v3Wyze Cam Outdoor (1 Cam + Base Station)
Price$29.99 $73.99
Field of View130 degrees110 degrees
Power SourceHard WiredWireless, comes with 2x 2,600 mAh rechargeable batteries (single charge can last for up to 3-6 months) 
Audio ComponentMini SirenTwo-way Audio
Image Capturing FeaturesStarlight CMOS Sensor (enables imaging in 25X darker areas compared to Cam v2 and v1) Starlight ISP (Noise Reduction)25-foot Yard-illuminating light
Motion detectionInfrared LED (Adjusts based on motion distance)PIR Infrared motion detection (Senses body heat)
Weatherproof RatingIP65: Water and dustproofIP65: Water and dustproof
MountingMultiple mounting choices, including magnetic and screwedPortable, does not have to be mounted.
A comparison table

While many of these features are unique to each device, they are not game-changing or essential. Both utilize superior technology to do comparable functions, but the device you choose will depend on your needs.

The Wyze Cam helps make your house safer and more secure
The Wyze Cam helps make your house safer and more secure.

Which is Better, the Wyze Cam V3 Or The Wyze-Cam Outdoor?

Despite the fact that both products are plainly highly complex in terms of features, abilities, and technologies, a few distinguishing traits drive some people to favor one over the other.

Wireless communication capabilities

The Wyze Outdoor Cam has two batteries that are rechargeable. If you capture between 10 and 20 video minutes every day, they should last between three and six months under normal conditions.

The Cam v3 requires wiring, and the spot where it is mounted is usually its permanent place. Furthermore, the Cam v3 can keep a constant WiFi connection to your home, unlike the Outdoor wireless camera, which requires a portable WiFi base.

At Night Vision

According to the table above, the Cam v3 offers a more thorough approach to image capturing, especially at night. The Outdoor Cam has a large light source, the Starlight CMOS sensor, and the ISP enables high-quality pictures in low-light circumstances.

However, both have the same 1080p HD resolution. As a result, the Cam v3 is the perfect choice if you want a camera that you can mount, keep in one location, and use. The Outdoor Cam, on the other hand, is a portable solution.


Is Wyze Cam capable of continuously recording in the absence of WiFi?

Answer: Yes, but only after you’ve configured it. You must have an internet connection to set up the camera and customize it with the Wyze app. Furthermore, if you have a microSD card inserted and Local recording to a microSD card is enabled in your settings, the camera will record to that microSD card even if you’re offline.

Is there a way to record Wyze without a subscription?

Answer: You Should Know: The only cost for Wyze cameras is the initial purchase price. There are no monthly or subscription fees to pay. Cam Plus costs $1.99 per month or $14.99 per year and includes person detection and unlimited clip durations (for one camera, that is).

Can I access Wyze Cam even while I’m not at home?

Answer: Yes, you can access your webcam whether you’re not at home or at work. Please check that your Wyze app and camera are both up to date. Please also ensure you’re connected to a 2.4GHz network or mobile data.

Is it possible to have Wyze cameras in two locations?

Answer: Yes! Because network information is used by the device rather than being associated with an account, Wyze devices can be quickly set up across multiple networks. This means you can use your Wyze Sense in conjunction with a Wyze Cam at home and another Wyze Cam on a different network at work.


  • To summarise, the two cameras produce comparable results. Both are good choices for ordinary home security cameras. 
  • The Cam v3 is more sophisticated in its approach to imaging, whilst the Outdoor Cam has a wider dynamic range and is better suited for usage when exploring the great outdoors.
  • The Outdoor Cam allows you to go wherever you choose because it has no cables and includes two-way audio as well as connectivity wherever you go. 
  • If you want a home security camera that’s a genuine workhorse in this area, go with the Cam v3.

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