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Will Smart Bulbs Work Outside? (Discover now!)

Will Smart Bulbs Work Outside? (Discover now!)

While the question may sound silly, it’s important to ask such questions to not make any mistakes, because if you wouldn’t have asked this question, you might have put your Smart Bulb in an area where it can get exposed to liquids like rain or snow and you’ll end up losing your Smart Bulb.

The answer to your question is, Yes you can put your Smart Bulb outside as long as it isn’t exposed to rain or snow and isn’t placed too far from the router or Smart Hub.

Furthermore, Smart Bulbs are great for lamps or any indoor fixtures, but it doesn’t mean that you can use Smart Bulbs outside, you merely need to keep some things in mind like the weather or the distance between the Wi-Fi and the Smart Bulb.

If you want to know where exactly you can set up the Smart Bulbs in your home and how they work, I suggest you keep on reading.

How Do Smart Lights Work?

Smart bulbs are extremely convenient to use, there’s not much mess like no extra wiring, and how easily you can control them using Alexa.

Smart bulbs are wireless lights that are enabled using a wireless Wi-Fi network connection. Certain smart bulbs require a smart hub to connect wirelessly, basically, you would need to plug the hub into a router.

In addition, you can also control your smart bulbs using Alexa, keep on reading to find out how you can connect your bulbs around the house to Alexa.

Is It OK To Use LED Bulbs Outside?

Lighted vintage long light bulbs
Outdoor rating lights can be used outside, LED bulbs are generally created with outdoor ratings, so yes you can use LED lights outside

It depends on the type of the bulb, if the bulb is supposed to be used outside or inside the house, it’s OK to use them. While it won’t be an issue to use a bulb inside that is supposed to be used outside, I wouldn’t recommend that.

The bulb created for outside will be slightly different from the bulb created for inside, for instance, the bulb for outside may have more protection from water as compared to the bulb created for inside. However, you can use the bulbs rated for outdoors and indoors.

Nonetheless, I would still suggest that you check where the bulb is supposed to be used before purchasing it.

There’re several types of bulbs created for indoors and outdoors, check out the table below:

BulbsWhere Should Be Used
Incandescent BulbsFluorescent and CFL bulbs are fragile and cannot really bear cold, meaning if you use these bulbs outdoors, there’s chances that they won’t work at all. So I suggest you use them indoors or in a city where the temperature doesn’t go down much
Fluorescent And CFL BulbsFluorescent and CFL bulbs are fragile and cannot really bear cold, meaning if you use these bulbs outdoors, there are chances that they won’t work at all. So I suggest you use them indoors or in a city where the temperature doesn’t go down much
LED bulbsLED bulbs are supposed to be used outdoors because of the way they’re created
List of bulbs and their ratings

As LED bulbs are rated to be used outside, you can use them outdoors, however, I would suggest you still keep an eye on damp ratings.

How Long Will A Smart Bulb Last?

Everything has its expiration date, even humans, so it’s impossible for smart bulbs not to have one as well. A smart bulb can be used for 23,000 hours, so if you use a smart bulb every day for 6 hours, it’ll last for about ten years, which is, if you ask me, a great life span.

You can increase the life span of your smart bulbs by only using them when you need to, if you keep them on for hours, they may stop working sooner than you have hoped for.

Can I Use Sengled Smart Bulbs Outdoors?

A light bulb with its reflection on the surface it's placed on
The brand Sengled suggests that you use a light bulb in a place that they’re rated for, but you can use outdoor rating bulbs inside

Whether it’s Sengled smart bulbs or of any other brand, you need to be careful with the locations of the fixtures, otherwise, you may find yourself spending more than you thought.

Smart bulbs are supposed to be used smartly, so before you use indoor rating bulbs outdoors, keep on reading to learn more about smart bulbs.

Sengled bulbs in particular should be used in places they’re rated for. Sengled recommends against using a smart bulb of indoor rating outdoor.

In addition, even with outdoor ratings, you should be mindful of the fixtures, because if you put even an outdoor rating bulb in a damp location, there’re chances that you might lose it before you even know it.

How to install a smart light bulb?

Now that you know, what smart bulbs are and where they should be used, it’s time to learn how to set them up. There’s no rocket science, it’s extremely easy, anyone can set up a smart bulb as it doesn’t require wire or outlets.

Follow the process below to set up your smart bulbs:

  • Your smart bulb will come with a hub, that you need to plug into your router.
  • Now remove your old bulb from the fixture and screw your smart bulb.
  • Download the app of that smart bulb brand, and connect. Now you can control it with your mobile.

Yes, smart bulbs are supposed to be controlled using a smartphone, which is why they’re named Smart Bulbs. It doesn’t matter where you’re, as long as you have your phone that has the app, you can turn the smart bulbs in your home on and off whenever you want.

Check out this video to make sure that you have set up your smart bulbs properly:

Smart bulbs are extremely convenient to use, you can even connect them to Alexa and control the lights in your home using Alexa

Nevertheless, you can also control them using Alexa, if you want to know how, keep on reading.

How To Connect Smart Bulbs To Alexa?

Alexa is the greatest invention of this century, it’s created in an extremely clever way, you can control all of your smart devices with it and give commands.

Yes, including your smart bulbs. You can connect smart bulbs in your home to Alexa and then give commands to turn them on and off.

Here’s the process of connecting smart bulbs in your home to Alexa:

  • Download and open the Alexa app on your mobile.
  • Open Devices.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Click on Add Device.
  • Now you need to select the light and the brand of your smart bulbs.
  • Finally, follow the steps displayed on your mobile.

Make sure that your Wi-Fi has a frequency of 2.4 GHz, otherwise, it won’t work.

Now that you have connected all the smart bulbs in your home to Alexa, you merely have to give commands and Alexa will do the work for you.

Alexa in black color placed on a brown surface
All you need to do is connect your bulb around the house to Alexa and give commands to control them


  • Smart bulbs are specifically created with outdoor as well as indoor ratings, while outdoor-rated bulbs can be used indoors, indoor-rated bulbs shouldn’t be used outside because of their construction.
  • Smart bulbs don’t require any wirings or outlet, you only have to screw them into fixtures and connect them to your mobile or to Alexa, in order to control them.
  • LED bulbs are generally created for outdoors, however, I would still suggest that you look out for any wet/damp fixtures.
  • A lifetime of a smart bulb is ten years even if you use them every day for 5 or 6 hours.
  • Sengled bulbs with outdoor ratings can be used outdoors as well as indoors, but bulbs with indoor ratings should only be used indoors.
  • You can also set up a smart bulb, there’s no rocket science, all you need is a hub, which comes with the smart bulb.
  • Connect the smart bulbs in your house to Alexa and give commands like “Alexa, turn off or on downstairs lights”.

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