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Why Won’t My TV Connect To WiFi? (Easy Fix)

Why Won’t My TV Connect To WiFi? (Easy Fix)

WiFi is a feature that almost all smart televisions include. You may use any Google Play app and even cast displays using your phone if your TV is online. Your smart TV will eventually and unexpectedly quit connecting to your WiFi network.

A reliable WiFi network is necessary to operate all Smart TV functions, including apps and streaming services. To take advantage of the full range of smart TV functions, you must use an Ethernet cable or WiFi to connect your TV to your internet network.

On the other hand, you might need to restart your smart TV to refresh its memory. Just unplug your TV and use it again after a minute. If you think it’s your router that’s causing the problem, then that’s the one you should plug in and unplug to troubleshoot.

Regardless of the circumstances, we will walk you through every possible solution to this problem. If it doesn’t work, you’ll need to finish this article.

Can a TV connect to Wi-Fi wirelessly?

A smart TV can connect to Wi-Fi wirelessly. Most smart TVs these days are Internet-enabled, meaning that you can go to your Settings menu and browse the available Internet connections nearby.

For traditional TVs, it used to be that you would need an external console to establish an Internet connection. However, if you just want to watch a movie, connecting your usual TV to your laptop will do as long as they both have an HDMI port.

Do all smart TVs need Wi-Fi?

All smart TVs need a stable Internet connection for users to be able to maximize their features. nBecause most smart TVs have built-in apps and features that require Wi-Fi for you to use them, especially streaming services. Moreover, you need an Internet connection to stream most of the media content available.

However, some smart TVs also have functions where you can play DVDs or connect external drives for you to play content without Wi-Fi. If you want to know more about traditional TV without an internet connection read this other article: Do Smart TVs Require an Internet Connection? [All Info

Why is my TV not connecting to Wi-Fi?

You can rule out any network troubles caused by a modem or router if your household WiFi is operational on other devices but not on your TV. Your TV software may still have some problems, though.

Below are the common reasons your TV has problems connecting to Wi-Fi.:

WiFi signal reception is weak

Your smart TV may occasionally be unable to recognize the Internet signal, whether from a set-top box or a USB dongle. This is connected to problems with the device’s power cycle.

Numerous additional devices linked to the same network

You might ask yourself Why is my TV not connecting to Wi-Fi, but other devices will?

Although the typical router/WiFi supports a wide range of household devices, it slows down the network. Smart television displays are susceptible to lag and buffering due to their size and configuration, which are somewhat different.

Even if you have a strong internet connection, if most users use big applications, it may affect your TV connection. Applications that can consume more data are computer games, high-definition videos, and even meetings.

Outdated software

Your TV will ultimately require fresh firmware to function properly as a smart device. It’s crucial to timely update the firmware on your TV to keep it operating correctly.

Since you’re already connected to the internet, there’s no problem updating your TV system. Just look for the Settings icon on your remote. Select System, go to About, and select System software update. If you don’t have a Settings icon, look for the Help icon instead.

Interim Bug

If the problem arises when you try to connect your TV to a wireless network because of a software bug or a password, it will be considerably simpler to fix. If a hardware problem is the root of the problem, fixing it may be costly and time-consuming.

Check out this Youtube tutorial to learn how to fix Wi-Fi that’s not connecting properly to Smart TV

How do I fix devices not connecting to the Internet?

All of the following steps are applicable to your smart TV. You can do the following fixes for any TV WiFi difficulties that don’t need complex diagnostics. Although the approaches differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, the general troubleshooting approach is the same.

1. Restarting your smart TV

Restarting your Smart TV will solve WiFi connection issues quickly and easily. 

You may do a few things if your SmartTV doesn’t recognize any wireless networks and won’t automatically reconnect to the network you previously connected to.

After restarting the TV, if it is still unable to discover any wireless networks, your router’s settings may cause the issue.

2. Faulty WiFi Password

One of the most frequent causes of a TV WiFi connection problem is typing in the wrong WiFi password. There are several solutions to the TV WiFi connection issue.

Simply enter the right password and try connecting your TV to your network again by turning it off and then back on.

Make sure you are on the right channel and that your network has enough capacity if you’re utilizing a WiFi connection from a router. Make sure your router password hasn’t changed, and make sure you type it correctly.

Try retyping your password carefully. We use the OnScreen keyboard for television, it’s not as simple to use as the keyboard on a computer or smartphone. Try again if you can’t access the WiFi network.

3. On your TV, enable location access

Is location access disabled on your TV? It might keep you from connecting to WiFi. Every Google Play service and the outside app requires the precise position of the TV.

The WiFi network information, which needs to be turned on, can detect the approximate location even if your TV lacks a GPS module.

A Smart TV with a set of speakers.
Enable your location on your General Settings; sometimes, it’s inside the Privacy Category.

4. Change Your Wireless Network

One of the most useful aspects of Smart TVs like Acer, LG, and Samsung TVs is their superb WiFi capabilities. However, things can occasionally go wrong, whether it be with the wireless router connection or a network issue.

There’s likely a problem with the router or the network settings if your Smart TV is unable to connect to any of the local networks. Attempting to connect your TV can be frustrating. You might have tried the same steps numerous times in vain.

If you are using an AT&T router, I have listed its specific troubleshooting tips in this other article: How to Fix AT&T Router Blinking Red (Quick Fix)

Try using a different network on your mobile device if this is the case. You should also be aware that switching from a WiFi router to a mobile hotspot might drastically improve connectivity.

5. Alternate Your Internet Connection Temporarily

You can try connecting your Smart TV to a separate, unrecognized WiFi network if it won’t connect to WiFi networks kept in its memory.

Any Android or iPhone portable device with a strong Internet connection can be used to set up a mobile hotspot, which you can then try to connect to your SmartTV too.

If this procedure is effective, your TV is working properly, and the ISP or WiFi router settings are the issues because of the MAC address blocking. This is a control method in which the router authenticates before allowing any device to gain network access

6. Execute a factory reset

A Samsung Smart  Tv
It’s also better to restart your TV before watching a long movie.

Just like Samsung TVs, who are are well renowned for their popularity and high quality, the same issues can also happen to all brands of TVs. What happens if your TV has problems?

Any Smart TV may not be able to connect to the Internet for a variety of reasons, but most of them may be resolved by performing a factory reset on the device.

Depending on the manufacturer and model, you might need a specific “Smart” remote control or the settings menu to access the device.

7. Get in touch with your Internet service provider

Because the Internet Service Providers are performing maintenance in your area, have temporarily blocked your MAC address, or because your pack validity has expired and wasn’t renewed automatically, you might not be able to connect to the Internet on your SmartTV.

Calling the technical support team of the ISP or telecom operator and politely asking them if such issues are occurring is the only method to understand these issues.

8. Modify the DNS server settings

Without a dedicated DNS server, your internet router cannot connect to the Internet if you’re receiving internet service from a telecom provider offering a static IP address.

After switching the DNS Mode to Manual, you must enter the DNS address to assist your smart TV in connecting to WiFi routers, switch the DNS mode, and manually input DNS Settings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do smart TVs need to be rebooted?

Answer: If the TV is on constantly, I would advise restarting it at least once daily to keep it in good working order. The downtime that your TV gets in between times when people are watching would be plenty because, in most cases, you won’t be leaving it on constantly.

Why Can’t I Access WiFi On My Samsung TV?

Answer: There are several reasons why your Samsung TV won’t allow you to connect to WiFi, including weak WiFi connectivity, incorrect DNS settings, Mac address blocking, out-of-date Samsung TV firmware, ISP maintenance issues, etc. To learn more about how to resolve this significant problem, read our article.

Can I use my smart TV with mobile data?

Answer: The mobile data from your smartphone or tablet can be connected to a smart TV. The mobile hotspot must constantly be turned on while using Internet access on the smart TV. Otherwise, it won’t function differently than any other WiFi SSID.

SolutionsPossible Cause
Restarting your TVData freeze mid-stream
Faulty WiFi passwordSign-in issues / mis
Change your wireless networkNetwork interferences cause of too many users using the same network
Alternate Your Internet Connection TemporarilyData freeze mid-stream
Factory resetData freeze mid-stream.
TV sometimes needs a memory to restart to refresh
Get in touch with your Internet service providerInternet Service Providers might be carrying out maintenance in your area, have momentarily blocked your MAC address, or because the validity of your pack has expired and wasn’t renewed automatically.
Modify the DNS server settingsSuppose you’re getting internet service from a telecom operator that offers a static IP address. In that case, your internet router won’t be able to connect to the Internet without a dedicated DNS server.
An Overview of the Common Problems and Solutions for fixing your Smart TV


Wi-Fi is essential for all smart TV functions, including apps and streaming services. Just remember that restarting your Smart TV will usually solve your Wi-Fi connection issues whether you do it via remote or and by plugging and unplugging it.

In addition, you should also be aware that switching from a WiFi router to a mobile hotspot might drastically improve connectivity. You can opt to try this hack if you need access to the internet quickly. However, a mobile hotspot can become unstable, so makes sure to switch back on your main Wi-Fi once you feel the internet connection improves.

Make sure you are on the right channel and that your network has enough capacity to use a WiFi connection from a router. It’s best that you don’t stream when other users on your network are currently using games or big web applications.

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