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Locating the Power Button on Your TCL Roku TV (Demo)

Locating the Power Button on Your TCL Roku TV (Demo)

In brief, the power button of the TCL Roku TV can be found at the back of the TV below three other buttons.

TCL TVs are known for their high-quality smart TVs in a variety of prices and sizes. TCL partnered with Roku in 2014 – this paved the way for TCL TVs with built-in Roku OS.

If you’re a fan of the TCL TV brand and you want Roku TV as well, the TCL Roku TV Series are worth checking out.

As for this article, I’ll show you where to find the power button of your TCL Roku TV. Also, I’ll be answering some top frequently asked questions in relation to operating the TCL Roku TV.

Roku is one of the most popular streaming platforms in the US and is currently installed on over 41 million devices. TCL ranked top 2 as one of the best TV brands worldwide with soaring TV sales overseas and locally.

Where is the TCL TV power button?

The power button for TCL Roku TV can be found at the bottom of the TV at the back of the TCL logo.

In addition, you might find three other buttons next to the power button depending on your TCL Roku TV model. If you can’t locate the power button under the TCL logo, check the right side of the TV on the lower bezel.

The power buttons on most TCL TVs are skillfully hidden for the purpose of minimalist design. So, don’t get too frustrated if you can’t find it. Check the TV user manual for a guide or call TCL TV support for further assistance.

Why doesn’t my TCL TV have a power button?

All TCL TVs come with a physical power button.

You can either find them at the back of the TV just below the TCL logo or on the right side of the TV.

In some cases, finding the power button on the TCL TV can be challenging as they’re well-hidden.

Most of the newer TVs have been designed with power buttons located at the back of the unit to slim down the bezel and reduce the use of physical buttons.

It is best to check the TV user manual to locate the power button for your TCL TV.

How do I turn on my TCL TV without the remote?

If you lost your remote, you can use the power button of the TCL TV to turn it on.

In addition, you can also download and install the TCL Roku TV remote app on your mobile device. This work like a physical remote and will allow you to control all the TV functions.

Turn On or Off TCL Roku TV Without Remote

How do I reset my TCL Roku TV?

To reset the TCL Roku TV, follow these steps:

  1. Turn on the TV.
  2. Press Home on your remote.
  3. Navigate to Settings > Advanced System Settings.
  4. Go to Factory Reset > Factory Reset Everything.

Factory resetting the TCL Roku TV deletes settings, network selection, Roku data, menu preferences, PIN lock, and parental control code. In that sense, a soft reset is initially suggested.

TCL Roku TV Power Button Not Working

If your TCL Roku TV power button is not working, check the power source and make sure the TV is plugged into the outlet firmly.

In addition, you should check the power system in your home to make sure there aren’t any short circuits. It’s worth getting a qualified technician for this kind of job.

If all else fails, do not hesitate to call TCL Support for technical assistance.

Why is my TCL Roku TV not turning on?

Some of the possible causes why your TCL Roku TV isn’t turning on could be problems with the remote, power supply, or hardware issues.

Try the following:

CauseWhat To Do
remote problemsReplace the remote batteries with a new ones.
power supplyCheck the power outlet. Make sure the power cord is plugged in firmly to the power outlet.
hardware issuesTake the TV to a qualified technician. Call TCL Support for further assistance.
Why is my TCL Roku TV not turning on?

Can you control TCL Roku TV without a remote?

Apart from using the TCL TV remote app, another way to control your TCL Roku TV if you don’t have a remote is to use Alexa.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Alexa app on your mobile device.
  2. Tap on the three-line menu at the top of the screen.
  3. Tap Skills and Games.
  4. Enter Roku on the search bar.
  5. Tap Launch.
  6. Turn on the TV.
  7. Tap Link Device. You may need to tap Continue.

Why isn’t my TCL Roku TV working?

TCL Roku TVs might stop working due to problems with the hardware or software.

A software glitch may cause the TCL Roku TV to stop working due to bugs that could affect its overall performance. Moreover, hardware issues are often associated with burnt TV electricals due to overheating and short circuitry.

On a side note:

You should try to perform some simple troubleshooting before deciding to replace your TCL TV. Who knows a simple reset might just resolve the issue.

Final Say

The TCL Roku TV power button can be found at the back of the TV beneath the TCL logo. In some models, you’ll be able to locate the power button on the right side of the TV along with the other three buttons.

If you’re having problems locating your TCL TV’s power button, check the user manual or call TCL support.

If somehow you lost your TCL Roku TV remote, check this article for simple troubleshooting.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does TCL TV last?

TCL TVs can last up to 7 years when used for 8 to 10 hours daily. The lifespan of TCL TVs will also depend on maintenance and usage. Generally, TCL TVs are reliable and have a longer lifespan as long as you use them with care.

Where are TCL TVs made?

TCL TVs are manufactured in China. However, they have factories all over the world. Other countries where TCL TVs are manufactured include Pakistan, Vietnam, Australia, India, Mexico, Poland, and Brazil.

Are TCL TVs good?

TCL is known for its smart TVs of varying sizes, prices, and high-quality features. In fact, TCL is amongst the best TV brands worldwide with soaring sales on most of their products.

How long is the warranty for TCL TVs?

TCL TVs have a one-year limited warranty. This includes free-of-charge repair on defective units. However, customers have to pay the shipping costs for defective units sent to their authorized repair center.

Can you fix TCL TVs?

Yes, TCL TVs can be fixed. You can take your defective TCL TV to an authorized repair center for technical assistance.

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