Google is set to announce the Pixel 4 and a number of new ‘Connected Home’ products on October 15, 2019. Stating that there will be a number of new products that may not subside your insatiable expectations of Google. However, I think that we will see Google’s hard work pay off into some amazing ways to use technology to make our lives better.

Most of the time, when you ask Google for something, you have expected the information to be at your fingertips. Google has cornered the market on the information. Over the last decade, Google has continued to lay siege on the world with relevant technology and devices. The home has introduced smartphones such as the Pixel and every other android supplied device, smart home displays such as the Nest Hub Max, and home security and safety products like the Nest Cam, Protect, and Guard. Let’s not forget that these devices channel the information you need via the Google Assistant and Google Home – which has integrated itself as your access point to all these devices. One might say that Google is an ecosystem; let’s just say they created a new planet called Google. However, now it’s not about having information at your fingertips, it’s about not touching the device at all. We’ll expand on that below. In other news, Google may also talk about their Pixel Book and other handheld devices on October 15.

I think that it would be pertinent to remind ourselves of Google’s mission statement:

“Our [Google’s] mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

In May 2019, Google announced FaceMatch, the New Driving mode for Google Assistant, and artificial intelligence with Google Duplex. These announcements paved the way for new devices on October 15, 2019. If you want a refresher of what happened in May (Google I/O 2019 Event), you can watch below:

The Pixel 4 Smartphone

There have already been a number of leaked reports on the Pixel 4 and it’s fraternal twin, the Pixel 4 XL. It’s practically announced and out there. The Pixel 4 is the main competition to Apple iPhone 11, Samsung Galaxy 10 series, and the OnePlus 7. Without going into comparing the phone’s specs, we’ll talk about the new technology that is expected to change how we interact with our devices, namely the Soli feature in Pixel 4.

Soli on the Pixel 4 Smartphone

Google has been developing Project Soli for some time. The intent of Soli is to introduce touch-less interactions – using hand gestures to manage your device (Pixel 4). Imagine pressing your thumb and forefinger together to simulate pressing a button; Soli will now recognize that you want to turn something on or off like you would by pressing a button. If you want to turn up the volume, you can rub your thumb and forefinger; you’ll simulate turning a dial-up or down. If you want to increase range or zoom-in or move something over; you slide your thumb over your finger; you’re expanding the view or sliding an image over. No physical interaction required.

I don’t think the Pixel 4 will be the only device that will be Soli-capable (pun intended) on October 15. Project Soli is radar-based; emitting waves that help decipher what the object is in front of it; I think this is Google’s way of actually knowing what is happening rather than waiting for you to give Google information.

Radar technology at this scale could possibly determine how many pages you have in the book – think about that. Have one of these soli-enabled devices in your pantry, and you don’t have to tell Google what’s in your pantry; it might actually figure it out on its own. That’s just me thinking out-loud; you can think of other possibilities on your own. I’m supposed to talk about the Pixel (which will be pretty good) in this section, but then the Soli chip on its own is pretty exciting and relevant.

Google Assistant

As seen in the May 2019 I/O event, the Google Assistant is now more personalized and quicker to respond to your needs with FaceMatch and gestures. You can go rapid-fire on the continued conversations. Google Assistant will figure it out quickly. This improvement will only compliment the new line of products Google announces on October 15.

The Nest Mini

There have been patented filings that show the Nest Mini having the ability to mount to walls, which is pretty neat. Does this mean that it might have the ability to be placed in places that you will not need to access?  Based on the FCC filings, the new ‘Mini’ could have chromecast audio built-in, so it could be an upgraded speaker device with a multitude of other functions. It’s possible that the new Nest Mini could also function as part of the Nest Guard system. Maybe have an integrated display like Amazon’s echo dot? It’s all speculation, but it’s fun to dream with Google. However, there is no indication right now that the new Nest Mini will have Thread communication protocol, which is sad – maybe just for me.

The New Nest WiFi Mesh Router

You’ve seen a number of articles on the Thread Protocol on We’re pretty excited about the applications for this communication protocol. You can read about it here (or search ‘Thread’ on the site). The New Nest Wifi Mesh system may look very similar to its competitors on the market, with the main device and multiple smaller beacons to compliment the network, however, the current Google Wifi Mesh is pretty slick already. I was ready to install more WiFi meshes in the home, but I’m waiting to hear the announcement on these ones. As mentioned, it looks the new Nest WiFi mesh will be WiFi 6 capable (search ‘WiFi 6‘ in and operate as a Thread Border Router.

New Partner Devices with Thread

Automate Your Life could deduce that based on how Google has rolled out its technology and devices over the past few years that it makes sense for Google to introduce new Thread-enabled end devices as part of their announcement this year.

Google works on their technology for years prior to release. Google has released an SDK for thread device development a couple of years ago. They have developed partnerships with big-name tech companies like Texas Instruments, Silicon Labs, and even Samsung (competitor) to provide a solid ecosystem of products.

New end-devices such as Nest Sensors or miniature Nest devices throughout the household, or even outside would make a lot of sense right now, especially when companies like Amazon, Aeotec, and Samsung have already created a series of end-devices that extend the range and capability of their respective ecosystems.

New Pixel Series

Google may announce a number of new devices like a new Pixel Bud earphone. With the entrance of the Amazon’s Echo Buds and Microsoft’s Surface Earbuds, it would only leave an empty feeling without Google’s new take on having Google Assistant in your head, err… I mean ear.

Will Google bring back Google Glass? Or other wearables – oh ya!! The smartwatch maybe with Soli! It could fall in line with the hands-free ideology.

Google, Please bring back a variation of a Nintendo power glove – Soli/Stadia operated. That’s my segway into the Google Stadia – which I expect Google will expound on with all the new Chromecast enabled devices in the market. That’s another possible announcement to prepare us for Black Friday and Christmas. So many possibilities – VR, AR…

Then there is the opportunity to teach our young ones with Pixel Slates or a variation on being more productive with a Pixel Book to compete with Microsoft’s new Surface Pro and Duo (Android-Powered).

Wherever there is a relevant information market; it seems that Google has something to say about it. I wouldn’t be surprised if they reintroduce a new version of the autonomous vehicle, or talk about where Android is heading. We could go on. These are ideas are based on Google’s mission statement: “…to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

At Automate Your Life: We dream. I hope you can dream too.

Until October 15, 2019.

Remember: Don’t Hate, Automate.

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