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What Is the Procedure for Changing the Battery in My Tile (Pro, Mate, Slim, Sticker)?

What Is the Procedure for Changing the Battery in My Tile (Pro, Mate, Slim, Sticker)?

Tile devices are among the most popular Bluetooth trackers on the market due to their user-friendly design and excellent company support.

They have several features that make losing your keys, wallet, phone, or even your water bottle obsolete.

We’ll show you how to replace the battery in your Tile Mate or Tile Pro, as well as what you need to know about battery life on all Tile products so you can buy the best model for your needs!

What to do?Explanation
Open the battery door.Apply pressure to the battery door and slide it diagonally downwards.
Pull out the dead battery.To remove the dead battery, use a paperclip or a tiny screwdriver (the kind found in an eyeglass repair kit).
Put in the new battery.Insert the new battery by hand.
Face the + side up.Make sure the positive (+) side of the battery is facing up.
Close the door.Close the door all the way. Insert the new battery by hand.
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How to Change the Battery in a Tile Mate or Pro

Tile devices in black
Tile products

You’re in luck if you own a new Tile Mate or Tile Pro (made after 2018) because the battery is easily replaceable!

Customers have been ecstatic about the products, but the battery options have previously been a source of the complaint. The good news is that Tile’s devices have been updated, making it easier to replace the batteries on at least some of their models.

If the battery in your Tile device has died, here’s what you need to know:

  • Amazon sells replacement batteries. The Tile Mate requires a CR1632 battery, while the Tile Pro requires a CR2032 battery.
  • Because they’re commonly used watch batteries, both of these are readily available.
  • Tile suggests that you use Duracell or Energizer brand batteries in your devices because other brands may reduce battery life.
  • Your new batteries will be delivered to your door on an annual basis if you have the Tile Premium Plan.
  • The Tile Mate and Tile Pro now have user-replaceable batteries, but the Slim and Sticker have not been upgraded, and the batteries are still only good for one use. To replace a Tile or Pro, all you need is a new battery and a paperclip.

What are the next steps for a simple replacement now that you’ve identified the correct battery for your device?

  1. Apply pressure to the battery door and slide it down diagonally.
  2. Use a paperclip or a small screwdriver to remove the dead battery (the kind found in an eyeglass repair kit).
  3. Hand-insert the new battery.
  4. Make sure the battery’s positive (+) side is facing up.
  5. Close the door completely.
  6. You’ll be fine if you follow these steps for both the Mate and the Pro! How to Replace a Dead Tile Battery

If you’re having trouble reconnecting your device to the app after changing the battery, keep reading! We will explain any potential issues and how to resolve them.

Reboot After Changing the Battery

A standard rechargeable battery
A standard battery

There’s a chance that after changing the batteries, your Tile device will not reconnect to the app automatically. Although this is unlikely, the good news is that resolving the issue could not be easier!

All you need to do is hold down the Tile button for 10 seconds. This restarts your device and connects it to your app.

If it still does not work, the problem is most likely with the battery replacement; double-check that you followed the steps above correctly and that you are using the correct battery for your device.

If the problem persists, Tile has a great support page that will walk you through some additional options.

How should I replace the batteries in my Tile Slim and Sticker?

While Tile has updated the Mate and Pro models to include easily replaceable batteries, the Slim and Sticker models remain one-time use only. When the batteries die, you’ll have to purchase a new device.

The Slim and Sticker batteries, on the other hand, outlast the Mate and Pro.

The Slim battery has a three-year lifespan, the Sticker battery has a two-year lifespan, and the Mate and Pro batteries have a one-year lifespan.

Tile hopes to upgrade all of their devices to include battery-replaceable capabilities in the near future, but for now, those are the only options.

Tile Pro vs. Tile Mate: Which one should you buy?

As the comparison chart above shows, when comparing Tile Pro vs. Tile Mate, it all comes down to personal preference. However, the less expensive Tile Mate should be considered.

Because the Tile Mate is smaller and lighter, it’s easier to transport or store in a small pouch in your gear bag. Furthermore, the Tile Mate costs $10 less. Looking around on Amazon and local stores in my area, I discovered that the CR1632 battery that powers the Tile Mate is slightly less expensive than the CR2032 batteries that power the Tile Pro, making it more cost-effective in the long run.

That difference is minor (a couple of dollars at most), but it is significant because you will need to replace the battery at some point. Overall, you can’t go wrong with either option.

It all depends on how important range and loudness are to you. If you frequently misplace your keys or other items around the house, the Tile Mate’s range is likely to be sufficient to assist you in locating your belongings.

Is it necessary to charge a tile?

A Tile battery does not need to be charged. When you buy a Tile tracker, such as a Tile Mate or Tile Pro, you won’t have to dig around in the box for a charging cable or be concerned about keeping the tracker charged so you can keep using it.

This is due to the fact that all Tile devices (except the Tile Pro) come with 3-year sealed non-replaceable batteries.

Tile Mate, Tile Slim, and Tile Sticker all include a 3-year sealed battery. You can use these devices for up to three years without worrying about the battery dying or the Tile running out of juice.

The Tile Pro comes with a one-year battery that can be replaced. In Tile Pro, you can use a standard CR2032 battery, which is relatively inexpensive and widely available.

Here’s a quick rundown of the batteries in each Tile:

  • Tile Mate – Non-replaceable battery with a 3-year lifespan that doesn’t require charging.
  • Tile Slim – Non-replaceable battery with a 3-year lifespan that doesn’t require charging.
  • Tile Sticker – Non-replaceable battery with a 3-year lifespan that doesn’t require charging.
  • Tile Pro – Replaceable battery with a 1-year lifespan that doesn’t require charging.

What Should You Do If Your Tile Runs Out of Power?

Now that you know you don’t need to charge a Tile and that most of them have non-replaceable batteries, what do you do when the battery dies and the Tile stops working?

  1. If the battery in your Tile has died, you’ll need to replace it, depending on the model. For Pro, you can order a replacement battery from most retailers, such as Amazon, or simply purchase a new battery from a store near you. And for the best results, Tile recommends Energizer and Duracell batteries. Remember that Tile Pro requires a CR2032 battery.
  2. You can sign up for Tile and get new replacement Tiles at a discount for any other Tile model with a 3-year battery.
  3. The existing battery must then be removed. To do so, press down on the battery door on the back of the Tile Tracker and slide it away.
  4. Remove the dead battery from its slot with a precision screwdriver or a paperclip.
  5. Insert your new CR2032 battery, making sure the positive (+) side is facing up.
  6. Replace the battery door and ensure that it is properly sealed to keep the battery in place and the Tile operational.
  7. Test your new battery by using your Tile App to tap the Find button on the corresponding Tile. The Tile tracker will then begin to ring.

Note: By signing up for Tile’s Premium or Premium Protect membership services, you can get free replacement batteries for your Tile Pro, as well as other benefits.


Are tile trackers detectable?

Answer: Tile’s Android and iOS apps are getting a “Scan and Secure” feature to help you detect unwanted tags. When you use it, the app will check to see if you are carrying any suspicious Tile tags (or Tile-equipped devices). The process may take up to ten minutes, but you will not require a Tile account or any hardware.

How far can a tile tag be tracked?

Answer: Between 250 and 400 feet. Tile trackers have Bluetooth ranges ranging from 250 to 400 feet depending on the model, whereas Apple does not specify a specific range for its AirTag.

What should I do with my old tile tracker?

Bring your Tile to a Best Buy near you for easy return. Best Buy will recycle up to three household items per day.


  • Depending on the Tile device you own, you may be able to replace the battery by following a series of simple instructions, or you may be required to purchase an entirely new device.
  •  As we now know, the Mate and Pro models have user-replaceable batteries, whereas the Slim and Sticker models only have batteries that can be used once.
  • The good news is that, even if you are unfamiliar with technology, replacing the battery in your Tile Mate or Pro is as simple as replacing the batteries in your remote control.

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