What is LiDAR? FAQ

What is LiDAR? It’s one of the technologies that we are starting to hear about in Smart Home Automation. LiDAR is used in so many devices these days. I think about 10 years ago LiDAR was used to map topography for tools like Apple or Google Maps. However, LiDAR provides a precise mapping of the terrain around the world. This same technology can now be used in the household to improve our Smart Automation Experiences.

What is LiDAR?

LiDAR is an acronym of Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR). LiDAR is generally thought of as a Laser Scanning Tool.

What is LiDAR used for?

LiDar has been used to survey topography using Laser light. The product is a high-resolution map. However, LiDAR can also be used to create 3D Images of objects. LiDAR can be used for processing 3D images for autonomous vehicles such as drones, planes, and cars.

Applications of LiDAR

There are many applications for LiDAR including:
– collision avoidance systems in vehicles
– 3D mapping of objects
– topographical surveys
– tracking of objects
– Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
– Archaeology
– Mining
– Radar Guns (speed enforcement)
– Application of fertilizer for Agriculture
– Robotics

How can you use LiDAR in Smart Home?

There are a number of ways LiDAR can be used in the Smart Home:
– LiDAR can be used in Smart Home Devices to detect the correct orientation of objects, such as a person, table, chair. If an object was not in its correct orientation, the Smart Device could notify the user.
– LiDAR can be used to create Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality Simulations to display information or data for appliances or objects.
– LiDAR can be used in Smart Home Security options to ensure proper detection is made for home intrusion where light and cameras cannot be used.
– LiDAR can be used in the Garage to ensure proper parking in the garage

Thank you for reading!