Ways Your Smart Home Can Help In Self Isolation

Let’s put your smart home to use! You’re in self-isolation, and you’re bored out of your tree. You’re looking for ways to help yourself, and you’re looking for ways to help others. There’s a TON your smart home can do and these are just a few ideas.

Your friends and family can be reached with a number of different video conferencing tools, and you can help your family with many of these easy tricks. You can give them everything from an alert button to full control of their home without touching anything. All with a smart home and these ideas.

Ways Your Smart Home can Help In Self Isolation Tutorial Videos:

Use Zoom with Your Chromecast

Use Wyze as Webcam

We also break down the steps in an article here: https://automatelife.net/create-your-own-20-webcam-with-wyze-cam/

  • Wyze Cam v2 or Wyze Cam Pan and 32 GB SD Card.

  • USB A to A Cable

  • SD Card Reader (If your PC/Mac does not have one built-in)

Linus Tech Tips for Folding at Home

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