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4 Ways to Fix the Black Screen of a TCL TV (Simple Solutions)

4 Ways to Fix the Black Screen of a TCL TV (Simple Solutions)

The TCL TV’s sizable screen is one of its primary selling points, but regrettably, this means that it lacks some cutting-edge capabilities that other TVs have.

TCL was founded in 1981 and was originally registered as TTK Home Appliances Co. Limited which was rebranded later on as TCL. It has sold millions of smart TVs, claiming the second position globally for volume sold.

Indeed, TCL TVs are among the best TV brands in the market. However, no brand is perfect and consumers are bound to experience some flaws such as the TCL TV screen turning black.

The good news is that there are some reliable fixes that you can use to try to solve the black screen issue.

However, there are no guarantees that it’s going to fix it. You might just need to replace your TCL TV as the most practical solution. However, before jumping to the conclusion that you need to buy a replacement, definitely try the suggestions below.

One of them might save you a lot of cash!

To get started, I’ve listed the fixes that you can try in the table below.

FixesHow to do it
Restart the TV Reboot the TV using the reset button on the side. You might need a paperclip or something similar to press the button.
Reset the TV Restore the default settings of your TCL TV to get rid of the black screen.
Replace the HDMI cable Check to see if the HDMI cable is loose or overly worn. Get a new one if it’s damaged.
Update TCL SoftwareA system update might help to resolve the issue. Be sure to keep the TV on while the software is updating – turning off the TV may damage the operating system.
How to Fix Black Screen on TCL TV

Why my TCL TV screen is turning black? 

Some of the potential reasons why you suddenly have a black screen on your TCL TV might be:

  • broken HDMI cable
  • blown out backlight bulbs
  • outdated TCL software

As mentioned, there are some quick fixes that can resolve the issue but it’s a long shot. Still, they’re worth trying before you decide to run off and buy a new TV.

Although the number of TCL smart TVs shipped in 2022 only recorded a modest 0.8% increase from the prior year, there was a notable 75.7% increase in the number of smart screens shipped in the 65 inches and larger category.

2022 Annual Report to shareholders, published March 10th, 2023.

How to Fix Black Screen on TCL TV

There are various fixes to try if your TCL TV screen just went black. Try these easy options before making the decision to get rid of it and buy a new one:

1. Restart the TV

Restart the TV before doing anything too drastic!

Turn off the TV and unplug it. It is best to wait 10 to 15 minutes before turning it back on again to ensure the system has been fully reset.

The TV screen should be back to normal when you turn on your TCL TV. If the problem is still the same, I recommended trying the remaining options below here.

2. Reset the TV.

Your TCL TV will be reset once the proper code has been entered. After restarting the TV, use it normally to see whether the issue persists. 

In addition, a hard reset is sometimes necessary to restore the TV settings back to factory default. When you go down this road, all the applications you have downloaded and your saved information will be wiped out, so make notes of anything you’ve done before doing this.

To factory reset your TCL TV, you should:

  • Press the Home button on the remote five times.
  • Press the UP arrow once, the Rewind button twice, and the Forward button two times.

In theory, the black screen should disappear. However, you’ll have to re-download your applications and input your personal information again. Mind you, that’s fine as long as your TV is working again!

3. Replace the HDMI cable

A loose connection or damaged HDMI cable could be the reason why your TCL TV screen just turned black.

The smartest solution is to purchase a new one and ensure the cables are properly connected.

To learn more about different HDMI cables, I suggest watching this video:

All HDMI Cables Are NOT The Same!

Even if you’re using the standard HDMI cable that came with the TV, it would be a good idea to purchase a new one from a reputable manufacturer like Belkin. You can be confident that it will last a lifetime.

4. Update TCL software

TV software gets updated regularly, and the TCL TV is no exception. That said, outdated software could be the reason why your TV screen turned black.

Follow these steps to update your TCL software:

  • Go to Account Homepage and choose Settings.
  • Go to Menu and scroll to find System Update.
  • Tap Update.

It’s important to keep the TV on while the software is updating as turning it off may result damage in the operating system.

A TCL TV used for gaming
A TCL TV used as a gaming monitor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do I do if the screen of my TCL TV is black?

Restart the TV and unplug it. Wait 10 to 15 minutes before turning it on.

If it doesn’t work, try other fixes such as performing a hard reset, updating the TCL software, or replacing the HDMI cable (details above).

You might need to get a new TV if none of the simple fixes work.

Is it necessary to perform a hard reset on my TCL TV?

It may not be necessary to hard reset your TCL TV if the black screen issue could be fixed by simply rebooting the TV or updating the software.

A hard reset may only be necessary if you have tried every possible troubleshooting method above and nothing worked.

As a warning, you’ll lose all the applications and personal information saved in the TV system when you perform the hard reset.

Who is TCL TV made by?

Telephone Communication Limited Technology is a Chinese-owned electronics company located in Guangdong Province.

It was originally launched in 1981 as TTK Home Appliances. This made the company one of China’s first business ventures and has been a stalwart corporation ever since.

TCL shares trade on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange under the ticker code “TCL”.

Is Roku owned by TCL?

Roku is not owned by TCL but they have had an ongoing partnership since 2014.

Roku is a separate American-owned company. But due to the partnership with TCL, most TCL TVs use Roku as their streaming platform.

Can a TCL TV screen be repaired?

The TCL TV cannot be repaired if the screen is cracked or damaged.

Finding a compatible LCD screen can be tricky and expensive. Therefore, it’s probably a wise idea to just buy a new TCL TV if that’s what you’re considering.


There are a variety of reasons why your TCL TV screen might have a black screen. 

The best way to fix the black screen is to restart your TV. If it does not work, check for loose connections. If the HDMI cable has worn out, get a new one. A software update can also help solve the black screen on your TCL TV.

If nothing seems to work, a hard reset may be necessary!

Try all the possible fixes outlined above before doing so. It may be wiser to just get a new TV if you think your TV screen is beyond saving.

If your TCL TV is slowing down and you’re looking for a quick fix, check out my other article where I cover everything you need to know to fix that.

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