There is some relief for people with older Samsung Galaxy phones. You don’t have to throw them out. You can use them as smart home sensors (IoT) in your home for security, baby monitoring. Samsung has started the Galaxy Upcycling at Home in the US, UK, and Korea. Samsung has really stepped up their smart home game. They announced a number of awesome technologies in their first Samsung CES 2021 presentation. Samsung believes they can use your old Galaxy phone sensors and cameras to integrate into the smart home.

Upcycling Galaxy Phones with SmartThings

Galaxy Upcycling Sound Sensor Baby Crying

You can repurpose the Galaxy phone’s built-in sensors by installing SmartThings App, then issuing the SmartThings Lab feature. You’ll be able to use your Galaxy phone to make sense of sounds or presence in the home such as a dog barking, a baby crying or the door knocking. Your device can then alert you so you can check in on the home to see what’s going on.

The Galaxy mobile phone sensors can also be used to determine the light levels in the home or room. You can preset the older Galaxy phone to turn on lights or other devices based on the lighting in the room.

Galaxy Upcycling light sensor

Now, Samsung realized that having a mobile device left on will use some energy or drain your battery. However, Samsung has offered special battery optimization software with its new Galaxy Upcycling at Home. You can now use your older Galaxy phone to connect seamlessly to SmartThings devices or other smart home devices in the home.

Samsung Galaxy Upcycling at Home

Converting your old Galaxy phones into useable smart home devices makes sense. Instead of throwing out these phones, you can use them to monitor your home or turn your device on or off automatically by sound and light triggers. Very intuitive. You can move these mobile devices anywhere!

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Image Source: Samsung Mobile Press