We’re going to show you how to Turn Off all the Smart Lights in your home with just one tap. It’s hard to remember to turn off all the lights in the house. I wake up in the middle of the night asking; did I turn the lights off? Well, now you can make sure you turn off all the lights. You don’t have to ask Google Assistant. You can just tap on your phone or android device like you would at a command center… or even modern space rocket with touch screen controls!

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Turn Off Lights with Action Blocks

I’m going to show you how you can build yourself a Button to automatically turn off your Smart Lights from your Android Device. You will need to install Google Action Blocks from the Google Play Store. Go ahead, open up the Google Play Store, Search for “Google Action Blocks”, install it, and let’s get started.

In the meantime: We have generated a series of Action Blocks shortcuts for your here: https://automatelife.net/create-action-blocks-and-build-them-into-your-android-home-screen/

  • Once you install Google Action Blocks, you’ll see it on your home screen on your Android device (tablet or mobile phone).
  • Open up the Google Action Blocks app. You will then see the home screen to create your Action Block.
  • Click ‘+ Create Action Block’
  • Choose from the options given; In this case, we’re going to Turn Off all the lights in my house… because I forget which lights are supposed to turn off automatically, and which ones don’t.
    • NOTE: Prerequisite; You must have already integrated your Smart Lights in the Google Home App.
  • You will find the [Turn Off lights] once you expand the “More Actions” and scroll down the page to HOME CONTROL ACTIONS.
  • Tap the [Turn off lights] line.
  • Action Blocks will ask you what you want the Action Blocks to do. The default is: “Turn off my bedroom lights”. Well, that’s a good action to take, but I want to turn off ALL my lights, so edit the action line and type: “Turn off lights”. This will get Google Assistant to turn off ALL smart lights connected to the Google Home App.
  • Once you type this in; Action Blocks will prompt you to test this request. I recommend that you do. You will then see if you need to edit the request to refine Google Assistant’s action to turn off the lights you requested.
  • Tap the Next button. You will be prompted to pick an image from your photo library, camera, or a symbol from Google’s default icons.
  • Then you’ll need to enter 2 to 4 words description for the Action Block button. My Example: Turn off Lights.
  • Then you’re done. The new Action Block to Turn off Lights will be ready to go.

One Tap Home Action Control: Turn off the Lights

You can get your kids to turn off the lights with their own tablet or smartphone when they get back home, or you can set up your tablet with a number of Action Blocks to take control of the home.