There’s a new development in the smart home industry where: Google, Amazon, Apple, and the ZigBee Alliance have begun to work together to create a wireless connectivity standard for the smart home in the 2.4 GHz range. It is called Project Connected Home over IP. The plan is to contribute a number of existing technologies like Thread/Weave, DotDot, and some of the ZigBee protocol into what will be essentially the top layer of a new wireless protocol. You can read about the Working Group here.

This is an exciting development for the smart home as it’s very rare to see Google, Amazon, Apple, and so many of the companies in the ZigBee Alliance (like Samsung, Ikea, Schneider Electric, etc.) all working together. This is because the smart home industry has realized that they need to standardize and work together.

In turn, the Z-Wave Alliance has decided that they’ll make their wireless standard for the smart home an open standard. This means that your smart home could end up with just a few wireless standards in it.

We won’t see the results of this new standard until towards the end of 2020, as that’s when the first draft is expected to be out for this new wireless connectivity standard. If you’d like some further details about this, watch our video below and subscribe:

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