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It’s now the last day of CES 2021, but you can still see and hear all about the best things that CES had to offer. It was all virtual, with keynotes from tech executives worldwide and hundreds of tech companies showcasing their own unique innovation for the world to behold. Some of the excitement was drawn from things of innovations in energy efficiency and logistics. I was fascinated by a particular fuel cell that changed the way we look at energy. Then are robots that are fully capable of meeting needs in the home, to incredible smart home devices that continue to inspire us of a future of technology. We’re going to show you the Best of CES right here on

Our Day One, Media Day of CES 2021:

New Ways to Visualize

The Newest Displays on the Market

Intelligent Displays, or Creative Displays, or whatever it is, it’s fantastic to see the makers of screens, TV’s, and projections continue to improve and create surprising new ways to entertain the consumer. Panasonic showed us that they continue to provide leading-edge technology in visualization. They are the main sponsor of the Tokyo Olympic Games. They have been behind all the screens and visual effects in so many entertainment franchises. Sony continues to be at the forefront of Creative Entertainment with PureStream and virtual concerts. The singer could be in another place and project their image or person on a virtual stage…. it looks so real.

On the theme of screens and images, TCL and LG could not be silent. TCL came out with its own intelligent displays and a new line of mobile devices. TCL literally rolled out their rollable collections. LG showed us their rollable mobile phones and tablets.

TCL’s new mobile devices didn’t disappoint. TCL came out with competitive technology and reminded us that they were behind many of the most significant mobile creations in the last 20 years. They created a phone that could connect to 4 different devices simultaneously on the TCL20 phone. You can read about it here:

Robots are for Real

Moley Robotic Kitchen, Samsung Bots

People might think that robotics has only specific roles in our society. They are right, and people are building robots for ALL of their particular needs. For example, the Moley Robotic Kitchen robot cooks your food for you.

Moley Robotics Kitchen. Moley cooking food.

Samsung’s presentation at CES 2021 Media Day also impressed. Samsung’s Bot Care concept and Bot Handy were on display to show you that your day could be taken care of. Bot Care will come by and check up on you and remind you that you’re spending too much time on the computer while showing you your next zoom meeting call. Bot Handy, however, can clean up and put away the laundry and dishes. And if that was not enough mechanical swashbuckling, Samsung showed us the new JetBot 90 AI+. What do you think of when you hear “JetBot 90 AI+”? Do you hear advancement in technology? It’s an impressive robotic vacuum cleaner that is a mix of robot vacuum to Wall-E-Balle. Yes, I think this where they mixed CES 2020’s Samsung Balle to the Samsung Robot Vacuum. The JetBot 90 AI+ purpose is to clean up messes automatically (it can detect the mess, activate, and go to the location to clean up). Its purpose is to keep an eye on the home and help with automation in the house. You can read all about that here:

Smart Home Devices

TP-Link came out with their version of the doorbell cam that looks astonishingly familiar to the Nest Cam…. which makes us think, will the Nest be different this year!? TP-Link also showed off the new Deco line of WiFi mesh products. The Deco X20 is both a smart wireless speaker and a WiFi point! So you can now add more intelligent speakers to your system without compromising the WiFI. TP-Link also showed off their 5G Home (Yes 5G in the home) system, which was something to behold. You can read more about TP-Link’s devices here:

Don’t forget the Pets – Smart Home Devices for them too!

Samsung showed off their Samsung PetCare, including Pet tracking and surveillance with the JetBot 90 AI+. TCL has a QR scan code pet tracking device too. If you need to feed the pets automatically, well, there is a way to do that remotely. Tata created Tata bands to ensure that you don’t leave your pet or child in a car’s seat when the vehicle is off for an extended period!

Kohler came out with a bathroom and kitchen where you don’t have to touch anything. Yay! If you have kids, or you live with me, you’re really excited right now. Kohler has a full functioning tub with all the comforts you need to relax, while their faucets and toilets are easier to install (real DIY). Kohler also came out with water leak detection devices that you can install yourself (DIY).

Recycle at Home with Lasso

Here’s a special mention to Lasso! Lasso developed an in-home recycling unit. You put your plastic, glass, or metal recyclable things in the Lasso. Lasso then sorts and crushes them into compartments for easier pick-up. You should check them out at

Transportation is now Autonomous and EV

Autonomous Transportation is now a reality, from Autonomous Heavy Haulers made by CAT to the Virgin Hyperloop. Caterpillar Inc. has now made Autonomous equipment viable for the construction industry, which industry-leading technology to allow large construction vehicles to adapt to the terrain around them. Virgin Hyperloop is closer and closer to making a real 765mph transportation device in the UAE.

General Motors (GM) has gone through significant re-branding and has chosen the Electric Vehicle path. GM has created its own unique technology with a New Vehicle Integration Platform and EV automation experience called Ultifi. And if that wasn’t enough, they have already completed the new Cadillac – A vertical-lift drone that can take you between high-rise to high-rise. I made a mistake calling the new Hummer’s feature crosswalk. It’s actually called crabwalk… hehe.

Fuel Cell Technology

Over the past 30 to 40 years, pioneers have made significant in-roads into Fuel Cell Technology. At one time, we thought we’d start with hydrogen, then we progressed to salt-water gradients, and then to lithium-ion. However, one of the most impressive tech pieces that we saw at CES 2021 was BeFC – Bioenzymatic Fuel Cells Global.

BeFC: Paper + Enzymes = Electricity, Powering the future with Nature

BeFC hopes to change the way we use low power electronics, like your ear thermometer, or pregnancy tests, flash storage, smart wearable, or any smart home device in your home that uses low energy signals – which is the way to go.

BeFC has created a fuel cell or battery that is as thin as a piece of paper. It uses sugar enzymes as the catalyst. Once you wet the surface, electricity is generated. It’s ingenious. Think of all the devices you use in the home, even the single-use devices. This results in fewer batteries going into the landfill when you’re done with them.

Special Keynote from Microsoft

I thought the first few minutes of the Microsoft Keynote from President Brad Smith was also fascinating. He talked about how our tech and cyber industry started and where we are poised to go in the future. We have to take care of ourselves and not be outpaced by the technology we create.

The Best of CES 2021

CES 2021 was a virtual experience this year. No going to Las Vegas to see the exhibits, keynote sessions, or meet people in person. However, if I were able to meet them, I would want to express my gratitude to the number of tech innovators that continue to find ways to save people time and money. I’m sure there is a ton of marketing and revenue to generation. However, there are heroes present at CES 2021. CES 2021 showed us new robots from Samsung, unique displays from TCL, LG, and Sony. Microsoft showed us that they are at the forefront of ensuring we live in a safe online world.

Smart Home Automation technology impacts how we live every day; how we get information, how we function day-to-day (home energy, lights, laundry, driving), and how we are entertained (TV’s, speakers, wearables, displays, streaming).

Credit: CES, CTA, Samsung, Microsoft, LG, TCL, Lasso, BeFC, Caterpillar Inc.