Smart Bulb Comparison: Teckin SB50 vs. Wyze Bulb

Wyze Bulb and Teckin Bulb arranged beside each other - both turned on
Wyze Bulb vs Teckin SB50

The Teckin SB50 has been on the market for some time now. Just type in ‘Smart Bulb’ in the Amazon product search and you’ll see Teckin’s SB50 as one of the featured ‘Amazon Choice’ results. However, there is a new competitor creating a buzz in the marketplace – The new Wyze Bulb. Let’s take a look at the two bulbs and see where you can get the most of your home automation dollar.

Cost: Teckin SB50, Wyze Bulb

You will find the Teckin SB50 4-pack bulbs on for approx. $45 USD, which works out to about $11 per bulb

The Wyze bulbs are exclusively sold on the site. You can find a 4-pack of Wyze bulbs for $30. This works out to just under $8 USD per bulb.

Specs: Teckin SB50 vs. Wyze Bulb

Both the Teckin SB50 smart bulb and Wyze bulb provide 800 lumens of light, however, Wyze generates a color temperature of 6500K vs. Teckin’s 6000K. This means that Wyze can brighten up the room just a bit more than Teckin.

The Teckin SB50 bulb provides color (RGB+W) whereas, the Wyze bulb is currently only Soft White to Cool White.

Smart App: Teckin SB50 vs. Wyze Bulb

Wyze and Teckin have great apps that can help you automate your home:

Wyze Bulb: The Wyze App

If you have the Wyze Smart Cam you’ve probably downloaded the Wyze app already. You can create shortcuts or scenes for your bulbs, so if you’re in the garage and you want the bulbs to go bright and cool white, you can create a ‘Scene’ to change the lights. If you want the soft white light in the daytime, you can create daylight, and have the bulbs turn off automatically by adding timers. The app is quite easy to use and intuitive; it makes operating the Wyze bulb simple.

Teckin SB50: The Smart Life App

Teckin uses the Smart Life App provided by Tuya. You can change the color scene, intermittently change the color over time, add ‘Scenarios’ to match the your activity. The Smart Life app does pretty much everything that the Wyze bulb does, and also groups them into certain rooms for simple integration.

With both bulbs, you can integrate with Google Home or Alexa. So you can use voice commands or manage your lighting through Google Hubs or Amazon Echos.

Comparison: Teckin SB50 vs. Wyze Bulb

I think you’re going to enjoy both the Teckin SB50 and the Wyze Bulb. The Teckin SB50 is priced higher than the Wyze Bulb, however, the Teckin SB50 provides a color spectrum, whereas, the Wyze Bulb provides quality white light.

The Teckin SB50 and the Wyze bulbs are built well and should last quite a while in your home. The home automation abilities are well managed by their specific apps, and can also be integrated into Google Home or Amazon Alexa. If you’re in the market for some great bulbs take a look at the Teckin SB50 or the Wyze Bulb.

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