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The Teckin SB50 Bulb is one of the most popular smart bulbs on the market. You’ll notice them! Just search Smart Bulb on Amazon – you will find Teckin smart bulbs. If you’re looking to start your Smart Home with Smart Lighting then you’ll be satisfied with the Teckin SB50 Smart Bulb. We review the Smart Bulb and help you get it setup. Let’s get started with the Teckin SB50 Review and Setup.

Teckin SB50: Do you need a Hub?

I have a few smart home hubs in my home, including the Google Home Mini, Nest Mini, and Hubitat. You might be thinking, ‘oh no – I don’t have a Hub!”. Don’t worry. The Teckin Smart Bulb don’t require a Hub or Gateway at all. As long as you have a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection, you’ll be good to go. The Smart Life App is updated and good to manage any type of setting or routine you need.

So, you don’t need a hub to make the Teckin SB50 Smart Bulbs work in your home. Just WiFi and the Smart Life App. I have a bunch of Teckin (or Poweredby Tuya) bulbs in my home. I would love to share my experience.

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Teckin LED Smart Bulb SB50 Specifications

From the back of the box, it looks like the smart bulbs are – rated for 100-240V, run at 7.5W (dimmable), fits the E26/E27 configuration (ever go to Ikea and wonder what fitting you need!?), and runs at 800 lumens. As mentioned above, the lights run on 2.4GHz wifi; no hub required. Just download the Smart Life – Smart Living App from Tuya.

Teckin LED Smart Bulb SB50 Setup – Smart Life App

Installing the Teckin Smart Bulb is easy. We are going to show you how to setup the Teckin Smart Bulb.

Get your Smart Life app setup on your phone or tablet (Google Play or Apple App Store).

Teckin asks for your personal information to register the device, then gets your 2.4GHz WiFi router login information.

  1. Turn off your lights (Safety First).
  2. Take out the old light bulb (ooh, hot). Then install the new light bulb. It will begin flashing with a slow blink or very quickly for about 10 seconds. Don’t worry if you’re Teckin bulb has a slow blink or fast blink during setup.
  3. This is when you press the ‘+’ sign to add the device. The app will run through a few steps, then you’ll see your device as ‘RGBC Smart Bulb X’.

The Smart Life App will walk you through Google Home and Amazon Alexa Integration in the setup instructions. Just follow the steps in the Smart Life- Smart Living App. Don’t worry if you’re Teckin bulb has a slow blink or fast blink during setup.

Teckin SB50 Bulb Setup – Google Home

Here are the steps to setup your Teckin SB50 Smart LED on Google Home:

  1. Open Google Home
  2. Click Add
  3. Set up device
  4. tapped ‘Works with Google‘ – This will take you to ‘Manage Accounts
  5. Searched for Smart Life, and then linked the accounts with the login information I used when I installed the Smart Life app. Done.
  6. “[Ok Google] …. turn on family room lights… turn lights to red … turn lights to Sky Blue (yes, they actually have a Sky Blue)”.

Enjoy ambiance [smart] with Teckin SB50 Bulbs

Mood setting for Valentines Day

If you’re keen on knowing the specialized settings for the bulb, you should go straight to the Smart Life app to control the lights. They have modes such as:

  • White Mode (no explanation required);
  • Color Mode (This is where you can change the Saturation and Brightness)
  • Scene Mode (Give gorgeous it will create a rainbow on your wall.)
  • Weather Mode: One option is to turn the lights on during sunset, and turn them off at sunrise. The setting is based on your home location. It works really well.
  • Automation: You can now trigger your lights to turn on with motion sensors, or with your geo-location.

Teckin LED Smart Bulb SB50 Summary – Nice setup, no hub

These are my first set of Smart LED bulbs. They are dimmable, programmable, can change to the wide range of colors in the Red-Blue-Green spectrum. They run at 7.5W which is pretty sweet on the power bill.

I really enjoy the new updates in the Smart Life App. You can manage the lights to respond to schedules, sunrise, sunset, turn on or off on based on motion sensors. It has the whole gambit of managing a Smart Bulb. It seems that Tuya (makers of the Teckin SB50 Smart Bulb) are trying to give you all the options in their app. Which makes increases the value of these bulbs. The price tag for a 4-pack of Teckin SB50 bulbs are quite competitive too!

The bulbs do what I ask them to do via Google voice commands. Ask Google or Alexa to change the color to whatever you want, and presto! The bulbs do not require any other interface other than the app and your WiFi (2.4GHz only) to run. Simple, right? I think these bulbs are really simple to set up and now have an updated Smart Life App that makes it even easier to program your lights for events like sunrise and sunset.

Teckin LED Smart Bulb SB50

I hope you are able to find some Teckin LED Smart Bulbs. Thanks for reading the review!

The Teckin SB50 Setup.

How to Automate Your Teckin SB50 Lights

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