Move Music or Video to Other Devices with Google Stream Transfer

Google says that you can move your music and video streams between devices. Google Stream Transfer allows you to play music from one speaker, then ask “Ok, Google, move the music to the family room speaker.” In the meantime, Google has said that you can use the same feature to move your YouTube video stream to other displays in the Google Home environment.… Read More Move Music or Video to Other Devices with Google Stream Transfer

Amazon is reading the Playbook

Amazon released a number of products such as the new Echo Show (8), making it a competitor to the Lenovo Smart Display, and the Google Nest Hub Max. Amazon announced that they would now have their own earbuds (Echo Buds) and integrated smart eyeglasses; Echo Frames (Remember Google Glass – it failed for some reason). But for some reason, we’re finding more ways to integrate Alexa into your daily life. They built a wearable ring, called the Echo Loop.… Read More Amazon is reading the Playbook

New Hardware from Amazon, September 25

There are rumors of updated Echo’s and how many devices they released last year. The FireTV Cube was announced at IFA. The Google Hub Max Smart Home Display may need some competition based on its new tech. It probably makes sense for Amazon to keep in line or get ahead of Google Nest and Samsung SmartThings and all the other competitors that are starting to add to their repertoire. So, if we are all just speculating on what could happen; we should look at the competition to see what needs to be beaten in the marketplace, no? Right now, it’s about taking another step into the integration of your everyday devices and improving technology, like home appliances, displays, tech gear, and entertainment devices. That’s pretty exciting.… Read More New Hardware from Amazon, September 25