Amazon Echo Show (2nd Gen) FAQ

The Echo Show (2nd Gen) has some interesting features that compete very well with the Nest Hub Max and make it a solid fixture for your smart home. However, in comparison to Amazon’s other models (Echo Show 5 and Echo Show 8), the new Echo Show (2nd Gen) has a larger 10.1″ screen, bigger sound, and has a variety of communication protocols that make it easy to connect to your home automation devices. You don’t need another Zigbee hub; The Echo Show (2nd Gen) has it integrated within their smart display. The Echo Show (2nd Gen) also comes with a button to disconnect the camera and microphones for personal security.… Read More Amazon Echo Show (2nd Gen) FAQ

Happy Thanksgiving from Automate Your Life

Here at Automate Your Life, we wanted to say Thank YOU, the automation community. You may not know it yet, but you’re an automater, not a hater. As you watch our videos on YouTube channel, you are helping us provide more relevant content for you and your community. Every time you read and share an article it also helps. But, we’re so thankful for the Community you are helping to build. You sign-in and share your thoughts, ideas, problems, and solutions. People are getting the support they need because of your contribution. Automate Your Life (AYL) wants to help you save your time and money so that you can spend more of it on your passion, your family, and your loved ones.… Read More Happy Thanksgiving from Automate Your Life

Amazon is reading the Playbook

Amazon released a number of products such as the new Echo Show (8), making it a competitor to the Lenovo Smart Display, and the Google Nest Hub Max. Amazon announced that they would now have their own earbuds (Echo Buds) and integrated smart eyeglasses; Echo Frames (Remember Google Glass – it failed for some reason). But for some reason, we’re finding more ways to integrate Alexa into your daily life. They built a wearable ring, called the Echo Loop.… Read More Amazon is reading the Playbook