Switchbot Smart Devices

Switchbot started out with the Switchbot Bot – a smart switch that could press appliance buttons such as coffee machines, electric fans, PC power buttons, and electrical switches. Switchbot IoT devices were managed by the Switchbot Hub Plus; a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and WiFi-enabled hub that connects the Switchbot line of devices. The Switchbot Hub Plus is a cloud-shaped hub that can switch between a rainbow of colors and has an Infrared (IR) blaster to manage your IR devices like your TV, streaming devices, Portable Air Conditioner units, fireplaces, and fans.

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Switchbot Hub Plus


Switchbot Hub Plus Setup


Switchbot Thermometer and Hygrometer

Switchbot came out with the Switchbot Thermometer and Hygrometer. The Switchbot Thermometer and Hygrometer is a great way to manage your home comfort to manage your cellar, storage, office, and bedroom.

I talk about using the Switchbot Thermometer and Hygrometer in the Garage, and why I found it so useful to track the Garage Humidity and Temperature.

Switchbot Thermometer and Hygrometer Setup


Switchbot Humidifier

The Switchbot Humidifier is a great automatic way to keep your room or your family’s room comfortable. The Switchbot Humidifier is easy to use and it comes with some really functional features that you would expect from some top of the line portable humidifiers. You can read about it in the review down below.

Brian talks about using the Switchbot Humidifier and Thermometer and Hygrometer pair to manage comfort in the room.


Switchbot Curtain

The Switchbot Curtain is really easy to setup and install. Your curtains will be able to move based on your voice command, the Switchbot App, or just a slight tug on the curtain to the direction you want. We will show you how to get it setup in the videos below!

Open (and Close) Your Switchbot Curtains Automatically with Alexa

Switchbot Curtain Unbox


Switchbot Solar Panel

The Switchbot Solar Panel is a great way to keep your Switchbot Curtain charged throughout the year.

https://geni.us/SwitchbotSolarPanel (Affiliate Link)

Switchbot Remote

The Switchbot Remote is a handy way to open and close your Switchbot Curtains. It has two buttons, and can be programmed to open your curtains any way you want.