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SwitchBot Hub Plus FAQ (Answers You’re Looking For)

SwitchBot Hub Plus FAQ (Answers You’re Looking For)

Wondertech Labs has created the SwitchBot Hub Plus to help you remotely control all your Infrared (IR) devices such as your air conditioner, TV, DVD player, Blue-Ray player, media box, fireplace and so much more.

It also uses Bluetooth-Low Energy (BLE) to act as a bridge between your appliances and SwitchBots (SwitchBot, SwitchBot Meter, and SwitchBot Curtain) and integrate into your smart home ecosystems (Google Home, Alexa, IFTTT).

I have summarized the list of IFTTT services in this article. Check it out!

You can turn on the coffee maker or flip a switch with the Switchbot. The SwitchBot Hub Plus gives you the versatility to take simple switches and appliance buttons and turn them into smart-home devices.

I’m pretty sure you have questions in mind. So, for this post, I’ll be answering some FAQs about the SwitchBot Hub Plus. Let’s dig in!

SwitchBot Family

Click on the image above to check out the full range of Switchbot products (affiliate link).

SwitchBot Hub Plus 5-Minute Review

You can watch our YouTube review video on the SwitchBot Hub Plus and SwitchBots here:

You’ll see Brian go through the applications of the SwitchBot Hub Plus to make your home into a smart home within minutes of opening the SwitchBot Hub Plus box.

For reference, here’s the specification of the SwitchBot Hub Plus:

ColorHub Plus
Compatible DevicesFan, Television, Air Conditioner
Connectivity TechnologyInfrared
Maximum Range10 Feet
SwitchBot Hub Plus Specifications

Frequently Asked Questions

How many SwitchBot hubs do I need?

There is no limit as to how many SwitchBot devices you can connect to the SwitchBot Hub Plus.

At least 30 new devices can be scanned when you pull down the homepage of the App. All you have to do is place the SwitchBot device near your mobile phone to get the App to read it.

Can you have multiple SwitchBot hubs?

Yes, you can have multiple SwitchBot hubs!

One SwitchBot Plus can connect up to 120 Meters. However, if you need to connect more Meters, adding another Hub is recommended.

Also, you can have multiple Hubs on one account. The Hubs can be in the same or separate locations.

Can you control SwitchBot away from home?

Yes, you can control SwitchBot away from home.

You can use the SwitchBot Lock from anywhere as long as the associated SwitchBot Hub is online and can reach the lock.

Can you use SwitchBot without WiFi?

No, you cannot use SwitchBot without WiFi.

SwitchBot devices are WiFi communication devices and they work properly without an internet connection.

What is the range of a SwitchBot hub?

The maximum range of a SwitchBot hub is 80 meters in an open field.

However, the distance is shorter in the house depending on the specific radio environment an walls in between.


The SwitchBot Hub is such a cool device that’ll allow you control your IR devices remotely. Having the SwitchBot integrated into your smart home automation system is such an excellent idea! If you’re having some troubleshooting issues, I hope this article has helped answer your questions!