Starting to use Smart Buttons like Flic in the Home

I set up my first pair of Flic buttons yesterday. I’m really excited about it. I have two of the older version Flic buttons and one Flic 2 button. I hope to create some Smart Home Automations with services like IFTTT. I can now use these Flic buttons to turn off lights in a room or change color. I’ve got the Flic Hub, which has long-range Bluetooth and IR sensors. Having the IR functionality on top of Bluetooth makes it easy to manage IR appliances like my fan or a TV. It looks like I can do a whole bunch of things with Flic and IFTTT.

I’ve also been thinking a lot more about my fitness. I’d like to start my own fitness routine at home. I can use the Flic buttons to trigger my own Fitness routine. 

So, whether it is setting up specific windows of time in your day to have a workout, you can change the lighting, or you can start your workout music, or start the TV simultaneously.

I’ve also played around with IFTTT to figure out what type of applets I can use to make more smart home automation routines in my home. Like I mentioned above: I’m using the Flic button as a trigger and then creating IFTTT actions. It’s been a fun experience. Now with a combination of IFTTT and Flic, I can make something extra special. 

However, I can do some of these smart routines right out of the Flic App. I’m finding that the Flic App has excellent integrations with other smart home services, like Spotify, LIFX Smart Bulbs, Philips Hue, and Sonos, to name just a few.

Flic Buttons Integration with Services like Chromecast, IFTTT, LIFX, IKEA and LIFX

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I think what I’m going to try to do is use one Flic button for both a workout routine and an entertainment room. Since my workout area and entertainment area is the same. 

  • Flic Single-Click: I can use the single click on the Flic button to start my entertainment room with lights and turning on the TV to a particular YouTube workout video (like GoNoodle for kids). 
  • Flic Double-Click: Then I can double click to create a workout start routine, and that I can use the hold function on the flic button to turn everything off regardless of whatever mode it’s on

So, even with just one Flic button, you can do some amazing things. However, if you have 2 or 3 Flic buttons, or even up to 6 Flic buttons, you can pretty much control your whole home with a single click, a double click, or holding down the Flic button. I have to try it out and share my review with you later on, but I hope you can enjoy some of these Flic buttons. Check them out. They are on sale right now (February 15, 2021).

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You can also check out some of the smart features that Flic has come out with, in the video below:

P.S : Happy Family Day (February 15, 2021)!