Start the New Year with the Lenovo Smart Clock with Google Assistant

Happy New Year Everyone! If you’re looking to start your resolution to get up earlier and do something that will help keep you healthy, you might want to look at the Lenovo Smart Clock- New Features article. The Lenovo Smart Clock has come out with more features like the ‘Impromptu’ Alarm. The Impromptu alarm feature is to begin rolling out soon. Google keeps adding more functionality to the Lenovo Smart Clock. It’s a good smart device for your bedside table or office. I’m really happy with it.

The Lenovo Smart Clock has been on the market for some time. The Lenovo Smart Clock is a small Smart Display with Google Assistant built-in. It also functions as a Smart Clock with alarms that play music, favorite radio station or your Google Morning Routine.

Lenovo Smart Clock Impromptu Alarm

Google has developed a new Impromptu alarm that will give you a ringtone for different situations. Depending on what time of the day or the weather, the Lenovo Smart Clock can figure out what type of alarm to give you. So, when it’s -10 Celsius or over 95 F and it’s earlier than 7 am, you could get a special ringtone (Piano Music generated with Magenta Project AI) to remind you to start your car to get it warm or cool before you head out for the day.

The new Impromptu alarm feature makes having a Smart Clock relevant to your ‘Good Morning’ routine (Just say ‘ok Google – Good Morning’). I use the Lenovo Smart Clock to play special music during the day or white noise (for light sleepers) when taking naps. The new Impromptu feature, when rolled out, is going to give me more relevant (Machine Learning generated) options during my day. The Lenovo Smart Clock might be the device to start off a New Day or New Year. You can buy the Lenovo Smart Clock using our (affiliate – some proceeds go to Automate Your Life) links below:

Thank you for reading. Enjoy waking up to the Lenovo Smart Clock!

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