SmartThings V1 Hub, NVIDIA Shield Link to be discontinued

SmartThings drops support for SmartThings Hub V1, SmartThings Link for NVIDIA

Samsung SmartThings has announced that they will be dropping support for the V1 SmartThings Hub.  However, it will also drop support for the SmartThings Link, used for the Nvidia Shield.  The discontinuation will be in effect on June 30th, 2021. 

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The Samsung SmartThings V1 Hub has been in service since 2014 and has been at the forefront of connecting smart home devices using both Z-Wave and Zigbee. The SmartThings Link USB dongle was made to communicate with devices such as the Nvidia Shield TV.  Now that the support for these devices has been dropped, they will no longer be able to talk to  SmartThings devices after June 30, 2021.

SmartThings has been talking about how they are going to evolve the new SmartThings ecosystem for a while now, so this shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody. Samsung has been talking about a new device or number of new devices, and how they will communicate with each other in a new and exciting way.  I’m guessing these new technology announcements will be connected to the new Connected Home over IP  (CHIP) protocol. Samsung is also offered via email to owners of the B1 Samsung SmartThings Hub to purchase a Samsung 3rd, Gen SmartThings Hub.

However, there are some options in the meantime if you need to be able to communicate to Z-Wave and Zigbee devices.

Samsung is also offered via email to owners of the B1 Samsung SmartThings Hub to purchase a Samsung SmartThings Hub 3rd generation.  no details as of yet what that discount is actually is. 

You can start using the Hubitat C-5 Elevation or the C-7 Elevation Hub to communicate to both Z-Wave and Zigbee devices.

Otherwise you can search for Items related to Samsung SmartThings V3 Hub right here:

Image Credit: SmartThings Tomorrow