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Smart Life App Update 3.17.6

Smart Life App Update 3.17.6

The Smart Life App (by Tuya) received an update May 10, 2020 (3.17.6) in the Google Play store. I think in some way it’s preparation for their migration away from IFTTT. But it could just be the Smart Life App getting better and better for its Smart product customers (Tuya, GoSund, Teckin). We’ll get some clarification later, however, I thought you should know that the App is getting some updates. I have a few Teckin, GoSund Smart Bulbs in my house. Let’s find out What’s New.

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Smart Life App Smart Scenes

You can add Smart Scenes based on changes in the weather. You’ll need to go the [Smart] section (different from [Home] or [me]). Once you go into your Smart Life App, you’ll see a new ‘plus (+)’ symbol at the top right of the screen. There you can add new Smart Conditions to activate your Tuya smart devices. Now you can make automation happen when the ‘Weather Changes’ in your current location. These conditions are:

  • Temperature,
  • Humidity
  • Weather conditions
    • Sunny
    • Cloudy
    • Rainy
    • Snowy
    • Hazy
  • Sunrise/Sunset (recent addition to Smart Life App 3.17.6)
  • Wind Speed

You can start to see that Tuya is getting ready to create more options for your Smart Devices. This means that you can use all types of Tuya devices (GoSund, Teckin, Globe) and have them work seamlessly without the need for a hub, or dependence on other services such as IFTTT.