Smart Home News: Smart Life Dark Mode, Alexa in Xbox, New Sonos Speaker on the way.

Featured Image Credit: The Verge

Smart Life App has a new Dark Mode and Optimize Bluetooth experience.

The Smart Life App (Tuya) has been updated to include a new Dark mode and a way to optimize the Bluetooth experience. I just noticed it today in my Google Play App updates.  No, I haven’t seen exactly how the App optimizes the Bluetooth experience other than to say that we have to take Tuya’s word for it. This may have to do with the new CHIP protocol coming out in devices (Tuya is part of the CHIP project). However, with regards to the new dark mode, you just have to go into the settings of your app and switch to the dark mode. Or you can have it automatically switch to dark mode if your phone settings already have dark mode enabled.  I’ll show you these pictures in the pictures below.

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The Amazon Alexa app is now in Xbox

Coming Soon: According to Techhive, you’ll be able to remotely control your Xbox, play music and view all your smart security cameras using an Alexa enabled device and your Xbox

There are no specific details on what this means and or what you can do with Alexa and Xbox.  However, there is some speculation that you will be able to view your smart security cameras straight from your Xbox, use Alexa to launch your favorite Xbox games, or show you a shopping list.

Microsoft is saying that the Alexa app will be able to run on both the Xbox One, the Xbox series X, and S. 

The New Sonos Roam

The Verge has come out with an exclusive announcement that Sonos is coming out with a new speaker called the Sonos Roam, which is apparently smaller, and more mobile than the Sonos Move. The price should be around $169.

The Verge found out that the new Roam speaker will be about 6.5 inches tall and 2.5 inches in diameter. You can place it on its base or on its side.  The Sonos Roam will come with a USB charging cable and a wireless charging dock which will be sold separately for about $49.

The portable Sonos Roam will be essentially a Wi-Fi speaker with a portable Bluetooth option when you need to go.  You will need the Sonos S2 App in order to make sure that it works.  The speaker will be able to use both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant and supports AirPlay 2.  You can also pair to Sonos Roam speakers as a stereo pair when in Wi-Fi mode. 

This looks like a really good competitor for the nest audio speaker.

Image and Story Credit: Verge, Techhive