I have been thinking about all the things that we can do to monitor Energy and Utilities in our home. I think of Home Monitoring to include (but not limited to): Energy Management, Water Management, and Air Quality. Industries have devices to manage these aspects. However, homeowners also need to address these things every day. At CES 2021, we met a bunch of vendors that help you manage your smart home. When it came to air quality, we met up with Airthings. Schneider Electric showed off the Wiser Energy Management system that incorporates the new Square D Smart Electrical panel for all-in-one power monitoring. Apart from CES 2021, companies like Sense Energy also provided a smart home power monitor. When it came to monitoring your water usage, the Flume Water monitor popped up in my searches. The Flume Water Monitor keeps track of water usage and detects leaks in the home.

Having the ability to manage or monitor things like water usage or energy usage, or even air quality excites me! We shouldn’t take for granted the things that keep us comfortable in our homes. Why not track and monitor it? I would like to consider some of these devices in my own home.

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Airthings: Indoor Air Quality

I got a chance to chat with Airthings at CES 2021. Airthings has been in business for quite a while. Based out of Oslo, Norway, Airthings strives to provide indoor air quality monitoring for the home and business. They first developed air monitoring devices to detect radon gas in realtime in the house. Radon gas can be detrimental for homeowners. Airthings is passionate about their work. They even have resources for kids to ensure that children understand that radon gas can be hazardous for the home. However, Airthings doesn’t just make Smart radon detectors for the family. Airthings also makes sensors like the wave mini that can also detect mold VOCs, Temperature, Carbon Dioxide, and Humidity. Airthings devices can be integrated with Google Assistant and IFTTT. 

Airthings Wave with Hub: https://geni.us/AirthingsHouseKit

Schneider Electric Square D Energy Center: Home Power Management

The Square D Energy Center is not your run-of-the-mill electrical panel. You can connect your battery storage, back-up, and solar systems to it. You don’t need to fill your wall with devices to manage each one. 

You can learn more about the Square D Energy Center here.

Schneider integrates the power management into their Wiser Energy Management App. You can see how much power your devices and appliances are using in realtime. You can also monitor how much energy you generate from your solar panels and know when back-up power is required. The Square D Energy Center is made to be your ‘all-in-one’ power panel. Scheider Electric also provides Square D Wiring devices to power your appliances and devices.

Smart Power Monitors

There are a ton of other options for smart power monitoring in the home. At CES2020, we were introduced to Aeotec’s Home Energy Meter Gen5. Aeotec gives you two clamps to place over two loads in your home. You can then monitor your energy usage. The Aeotec Home Energy Meter Gen5 operates on Z-wave (you need a hub) to allow seamless connection and realtime monitoring. It works with SmartThings too!

Aeotec Home Energy Meter Gen 5

Hubitat Elevation Hub (Z-Wave)

SmartThings (Z-Wave)

Similarly, you can also find devices like the Sense Home Energy Monitor. The Sense Energy Monitor connects to your home network over WiFi. You can use their app to see how much power you are using.

Sense Home Energy Monitor

Flume Water Monitor: Water Management

I am also really excited about the opportunity to track my water usage. I do have an older home with older pipes. I hope that I don’t have a slow leak somewhere in my house. However, if I installed a smart water monitor like Flume, it might be possible to see if I have a leak in the home. The Flume water meter can be placed over a straight-run of pipe in a matter of a few minutes.

Smart Home Energy Management Ideas

I would like to install devices like these in my home one day. Suppose you’re interested in finding savings in your energy usage. In that case, you could install one of these devices in your home to monitor your air quality, water, power usage in the home with devices from Airthings, Schneider Electric, Aeotec, Sense Energy, and Flume. These are just a few of the options out there. You can get a ton of useful information about the energy you use from these smart home energy monitoring devices.