Smart Home Ideas to Conserve Energy

Happy Earth Day everyone! As we try to recognize ways to ensure we steward the Earth, we should also recognize that we need the resources from our planet to survive and meet the needs of all those that live in it. Technology has made it easier and simpler to conserve energy in your homes, businesses, and industry. We can use Smart Home Automation to make to gather information about our home (temperature, humidity, air quality, power usage). I’m going to share with you some of the devices that have helped my family conserve energy in our home.

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Conserving Energy with Smart Plugs

The TP-Link HS105 Mini Smart Plug has been in our house primarily over the holiday season. I use the HS105 to conserve energy by using the power monitoring. I can also set a timer to conserve energy by limiting the amount of time the Christmas Tree lights remain on. You can read our review of the TP-Link HS105 here:

I’m also really happy with my TP-Link Kasa HS200 Smart Light Switch. If I forget to leave the lights on, I can make a schedule to ensure those lights turn off after a certain amount of time. So convenient and automatic. I’ll show you how to install them here:


Conserve Energy with a Smart Thermostat

Now I’ve had the pleasure of using both the Nest Learning Thermostat and the Ecobee3 Smart Thermostat. Both Smart Thermostats help you conserve energy. The Nest Learning Thermostat learns from your changes and heating and cooling requirements for a couple of weeks and then begins changing the temperature by itself. Just like that. However, it helps homes conserve energy by adjusting the temperature to meet the intended temperature without you having to touch the thermostat. It also lowers the temperature setpoint if there is no motion in the house. The Ecobee3 Smart Thermostat has Home and Away settings that also use satellite sensors to check if there is any activity in the room that you place the sensors. It takes an average of all the temperature sensors and only applies energy from the home to heat or cool your space based on the average or motion in that room. Both the Nest and Ecobee3 also turn on your HVAC fan automatically to keep the air ventilated, so you don’t have to turn on the heat or A/C to maintain the temperature or humidity in your home. You also get email reports each month from the Nest and Ecobee services to show you how much energy you have saved.

Nest Thermostat:

Ecobee3 Review:

Conserve Energy with Air Quality Monitors and Home Comfort

I don’t think many of us think of air quality as an issue or concern unless you have allergies or create particulate matter in the home from working in the shop or bringing in dust or dirt from outside regularly. However, if you were able to keep your home air quality clean, you could also manage the smart devices we mentioned above to turn the HVAC system on and off only in times when it’s required. Imagine turning on your HVAC automatically when the dust or particulate matter in the home.

Airthings has been in the air quality industry for some time. They have a whole line of devices to fit any home or business. You can turn on your air purifier automatically based on the limits you set. You can track, Radon, mold, humidity, temperature, volatile organic compounds (VOC), and particulate matter. (Amazon Affiliate)

The Switchbot Humidifier is another device that brings home comfort to another level. Completely automatic, you can set the humidity comfort level to whatever you like, using schedules and monitoring with the Switchbot Temperature and Humidity Sensor.

Switchbot Humidifier from

Conserve Energy by Closing the Curtains Automatically

Switchbot Curtain is definitely one of those devices I think those in sunny locations should consider. The Switchbot Curtain can help you conserve energy, by closing your curtains automatically. You can configure the Switchbot Curtain to close with a press of a button (Switchbot Remote), your voice, or when the outside light intensity reaches a certain level (Switchbot Solar Panel). Closing the curtains can maintain the temperature in your home and reduce the amount of time your Air Conditioning turns on.

Switchbot Curtain (

Conserve Energy in Your Smart Home

Conserving energy is important. Not just for Earth Day, but every day. Investing in your smart home can help you save money in the long run. You don’t have to manage the temperature, humidity, power consumption, or air quality by yourself. You can use smart home devices like the TP-Link smart plug, Nest Thermostat, Ecobee3 Smart Thermostat, or Airthings air quality monitor to keep you informed on how much energy you use. You could also use an automatic robot curtain to keep your home cool on sunny days.