With the rise and resurgence of COVID-cases throughout the country and in our classrooms, kids have been told they have to go back to online school. In my home, my kids are already an online school. So I figured out ways to convert my smart home into an online school for my kids earlier this year. But for some, this is the first time that your kids are using your home as their school environment. Kids won’t hear the school bell to tell them to come inside when class starts or even when it’s time for lunch. Well, there is a way around that. I’ll show some practical things that can help. Most of these examples are referenced from Google’s Blog: The Keyword.

I also share my beginning my online school experience here:

Smart Home Ideas: Online School Family Bell 

Family Bell in Google Assistant

Google Assistant can help bring some routine to online school and keep your kids on track. You can use one feature called the Family Bell. You can add daily reminders for your kids by using by setting a Family Bell that can repeat every morning when school starts, or when it’s lunchtime, or when it’s time to back to school after lunch. My kids are busy playing UNO to keep track of the time, so it’s a welcome addition to the home. I can keep focused on what I need to do and let Google Assistant be the school bell. I wish I could get MC Hammer to tell them:

“Ring the bell, school’s back in, break it down…”

MC Hammer
  1. First, you need to go to your Google Assistant Settings. To do this go to the Google Home app, go to the top right of the screen to your Google account icon.
  2. Then select Google Assistant Settings in the Google Home App.
  3. Then scroll down to Family Bell
  4. Once in Family Bell, you can customize your own heading like: “School is starting”
  5. Select the smart speaker, time, and days of the week. And you’re done.
  6. You can also go straight to Google: https://support.google.com/assistant/answer/10011399

Smart Home Ideas for Online School: Broadcast your Message

Broadcast lunchtime with Google Assistant

You can broadcast lunchtime on all your Assistant-enabled smart speakers. Or use broadcast settings to say they start the school day. 

So here a few of the commands you can use to say, “Hey Google, start the school day, or “Hey Google, schools in session.” Your smart speakers will start playing sounds of the hustle and bustle of school in session. 

Smart Home Ideas for Online School: Just ask Google Assistant

Of course, when there is extra time or break time, your kids can ask Google Assistant (“Hey Google….”) to tell you about something historic, or about math, or spelling.

You could ask Google to tell you about the animal of the day. All these things are being discussed here in this Google Blog: The Keyword. You can also ask Google to answer or help you with certain things like math or spelling or talk about historical events. 

You can even ask about your pet hamster to see if you should feed it celery or not. Don’t feed your hamster celery. It can choke.

You can also have family accounts to protect the little ones from the information they don’t need to access. You can set up their own accounts so that and have them managed by Google Family Link. You can ensure that certain kids are not asking for information that they shouldn’t be getting. 

Smart Home Ideas for Online School: Tell a story

Ask Google Assistant to read a story or Fairy Tale.

And also, in terms of spending time as a family, you can even ask Google to say, “Hey Google, tell me a story, or ” Hey Google, tell me a fairy tale. As you can read here in Google’s Blog: The Keyword.

Featured Image Credit: MC Hammer, YouTube, Sony, Google Keyword