Amazon, Google, Apple, and Samsung made some interesting announcements this year.

So, the last couple of months have been pretty hectic this year.Even the last couple of weeks have been hectic. Companies like Amazon Google, Apple, and Samsung all had their device events in September and October 2020. Samsung had almost two or three this year. Releasing new phones and other devices.

You know, it’s really interesting. Amazon came out with a drone that can follow you. It’s not going to be released until next year. Amazon is also showed off its Amazon Sidewalk technology which allows devices to be connected throughout the neighborhood, which is pretty amazing. Go, find your dog or cat from a mile away.

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Google came out with its Nest Audio and Pixel 5 phone, which is a 5G goodness packaged at a lower than expected price. Apple came out with its iPhone 12 and talked about their new Thread technology in the Apple Homepod Mini. It’s kind of funny because you know, I thought Google would be the first one to come out and show out their new thread technology. And it’s really interesting because Apple is the first company in recent months to talk about the Thread protocol and kind of gave reference to the new Connected Home over IP (CHIP) protocol. So, I thought that was pretty cool too. However. For Google Apple and Samsung, it was mostly about phones this year.

For Amazon, it was about home security and connecting yourself and connecting your car and all your devices that came out with the new Echo Dot and the Echo. Which is pretty cool. Although it was a sphere, so I’m not sure how most of the community will respond to that.

Google started talking about your entertainment. They came out with Chromecast. Well, I should say not the Chromecast the new Google Chrome sorry the new Chromecast. With Google TV which came with a remote and so that should be a direct competition to Amazon’s all-new Fire TV stick.

And then they came out with their Nest Audio which replaces the Google Home, providing you some ample premium sound for a fraction of the cost of a premium speaker. They also came out with a new and improved Nest Thermostat.

So the question I have is where do we go from here?

Amazon is trying to get the whole home connected and your neighborhood connected.

Google is focused on entertainment and media streaming and connecting people through video calls.

Apple is kind of saying in the background. ‘Hey, we’ve got the technology to get everything connected.’

Samsung is focused on its mobile platform, which is phones and the processing power technology behind it.

What does this mean?

It is pretty interesting how these tech companies have focused on certain areas of the market I think that they’re really strong at.

Google is focusing on media and entertainment which is interesting because Amazon has those features as well, but Amazon is focusing on the devices that connect your home and keep you secure.

Apple is kind of focused on the technology behind what they do. Maybe Apple figures that they can develop products or have other people develop products for them.

Samsung is all over the map but also still focusing on its mobile phone technology. Which is kind of their bread and butter right now.

Technology in 2021

So for me, I think 2020 will be an interesting year. We know at the end of 2020 the new Connected Home over IP protocol should be out and then we should see all these manufacturers and developers provide devices that will be able to connect with each other. Now it’s just your choice whether you want to use Google, Amazon, Apple, or Samsung.

Next Step: Technology Acquisitions?

This makes me think: Is Google Amazon and Apple or Samsung looking to acquire a different type of product or acquire a different company to absorb some of that market share. Anyhow, so these are some of the thoughts I’ve been thinking about in the smart home news or the smart home industry. I hope it helps to listen to some thoughts of today’s Smart Home Market.

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