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Samsung TV Volume Stuck (9 Working Methods)

Samsung TV Volume Stuck (9 Working Methods)

In terms of TV, Samsung is unquestionably a great company to consider. Users can rely on the TV’s functionality and quality. However, one problem with Samsung TV that many users have faced is the volume on the device stuck for a period.

The source of this problem is a lag or memory overflow on your TV. You’ll notice that the volume level has remained unchanged since you turned the television off.

The television’s volume cannot be adjusted after it’s turned on. The problem can be fixed by updating the system, restarting the smart hub, or going through other fixes.

What to do?Explanation
1. Check the RemoteThe TV volume may become stuck due to a broken remote.
2. Power Cycle Your Samsung TVSometimes you can easily resolve this issue by just resetting your Samsung TV.
3. Reset the Smart HubRestart your TV’s Smart Hub and reset its volume in the settings.
4. Delete AppsRemove any unwanted apps that you don’t use. This will clear your TV’s memory from extra data, and it will function more effectively.
5. Use Only One RemoteUse your original Samsung remote. Other universal remotes are not compatible with your Samsung TV. They can be the cause of your problem.
6. Check for System UpdatesUpdate to newer firmware. Hopefully, it will resolve your problem.
7. Turn Off Intelligent ModeTurn off the AI viewing experience. This may be the reason behind your TV’s stuck volume.
8. Factory Reset Your TVFactory reset your TV to remove everything and give your TV a fresh start.
9. Contact Samsung Remote SupportContact Samsung remote support to help you resolve this issue.
Overview of the 9 methods to fix the audio issue of your Samsung TV

In this article, we will cover the 10 major solutions to fix the Samsung TV volume stuck issue.

So, let’s get started.

1. Check the Remote

It’s crucial to check and ensure the TV remote is working correctly. The TV volume may become stuck due to a broken or unrepaired remote.

If there are problems with the remote, see if the battery is correctly installed. Otherwise, consider getting a new one. After a new battery has been placed, try pressing the volume button to check if it functions. If the volume is still stuck, then your remote might be internally damaged.

At this point, you can attempt a repair yourself or get in touch with a Samsung customer support office for a remote emergency repair. However, new Samsung TV remotes might be preferable because they are reasonably inexpensive.

Samsung TV
Samsung TV

2. Power Cycle Your Samsung TV

The Samsung TV volume stuck has frequently been resolved by power cycling the Samsung TV. The power cycle is the hard reset of your device. You can follow these guidelines to power cycle your TV:

  • Your Samsung smart TV should be off.
  • Remove your smart TV plug from the outlet.
  • For roughly 30 seconds, press the power button on your Samsung TV.
  • Allow 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Turn on your Samsung TV after plugging it in.

Check to see if the power cycle has resolved the Samsung TV volume stuck problem. If not, the following repair will fix the smart TV’s stuck volume problem.

3. Reset the Smart Hub

Resetting the TV’s Smart Hub is the next option. On your remote, select “Settings,” then scroll down until you see Support > Self Diagnosis > Reset Smart Hub. It will request the pin from the Samsung TV (the default is 0000 if you have not set your pin).

The volume should be fixed after this 30-second reset is finished! It’s advised to remove any programs you don’t frequently use to prevent this issue from repeating because doing so will slow down the Samsung TV’s memory and result in volume issues once more.

4. Delete Apps

The next step after resetting the smart hub is to uninstall any unused apps. Samsung TVs have automatic updates that load your memory with unwanted apps. Getting rid of all these programs can be the answer to your volume issue.

How to Delete Apps on Samsung TV

  • The “Apps” menu may be in the home screen’s lower-left corner.
  • On the following screen, click Settings (gear icon) in the top right corner.
  • You can see every installed app in the settings menu. When you bought your television, some apps might have been pre-installed or added automatically.
  • Delete the unnecessary apps after going through each one.

5. Use Only One Remote

Minimalistic smart remote control with smart buttons.
Smart Remote Control

Use the remote controls that come with your Samsung TV if you experience issues. Although it may be tempting to use other remotes, such as those from Xfinity or DirecTV, those are incompatible with your TV. Using only the remotes that came with your TV will guarantee that everything functions as intended.

So you’ve removed the other remote, and your Samsung TV volume is working again. Before you rest easy, there’s another essential thing. The next move is to remove all generic remotes around the house permanently. It’s time to stop using them.

6. Check for System Updates

You’re not the only one who has encountered issues getting stuck with Samsung TV volume controls. Let’s make sure you have installed the most recent upgrades. TV firmware updates have fixed a few of these flaws.

  • Click the Settings button.
  • Activate the Support tab.
  • The Software Update option
  • To update now, click. You should also enable Auto Update while you’re here.

If there are no installation updates, the update will take a few minutes to complete, and your TV will restart on its own. 

Try the volume controls again. If that didn’t resolve the issue, don’t worry; it was still a crucial step.

7. Turn Off Intelligent Mode

Flat screen smart television with tower speakers.
Smart Television

For the most satisfactory TV viewing experience, choose the intelligent mode, which employs AI. Nevertheless, depending on the surrounding conditions, this can mean lowering or raising your volume.

Note that this feature is exclusive to more latest QLED models. Here’s how to turn it off:

  • Press the Home button.
  • Access Settings.
  • Choose General.
  • Visit the Intelligent Mode Settings page.
  • Turn off Adaptive Volume alone, or disable Intelligent Mode fully.

8. Factory Reset Your TV

A video explaining how to factory reset your Samsung Smart TV

If, after following all the recommendations above, the issue still occurs, the smart TV needs to be factory reset at that point. Additionally, the factory reset clears the TV of all information, data, accounts, user profiles, saved network connections, and downloaded apps. It resets the TV to its default factory settings.

Go to Settings > General > Reset on your smart TV to do a factory reset. Then, to prompt it, input the default security pin. Check to see if the volume is functioning after the reset.

9. Contact Samsung Remote Support

Try calling Samsung Remote Support if the above steps weren’t successful in helping you resolve the problem. Call 1-800-726-7864 to get in touch with Samsung Remote Support. You can speak with remote support about your problem, and they ought to be able to resolve it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How can I unlock the volume on my Samsung TV effortlessly?

You must first figure out what locked your volume. Check your audio options to unlock the volume and turn off the mute. Additionally, see if you accidentally muted your TV by pushing the wrong button on the remote or using the wrong button.

Q2. Why is the volume on my Samsung TV stuck?

It was a fundamental problem that many users of mobile devices were experiencing. Another possibility is that your Samsung Smart Television has a software or hardware issue. Examine your Samsung TV remote control as well.


  • If the volume on your Samsung TV isn’t working, it’s a recognized problem with a pretty simple fix.
  • There are at least ten methods to fix this issue that are relatively easy to follow.
  • To solve the volume control issues with your TV, we advise starting with the most straightforward remedy and progressing to the most intricate.
  • First of all, check your TV’s remote if it’s working or not and if the batteries are properly installed. Otherwise, buy a new one.
  • Secondly, power cycle your TV, reset the Smart Hub, and try to delete extra apps installed on your TV.
  • If the problem still persists, check for system updates and turn off Intelligent Mode. As a last resort, try factory resetting your Samsung TV.
  • Moreover, you can always call Samsung Customer Care at 1-800-726-7864 if everything else fails.

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