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Samsung TV Power Button (Find Out)

Samsung TV Power Button (Find Out)

It could be challenging to find the power button when working with a Samsung TV for the first time. In what location is the power button on a Samsung TV?

This article will explain how to access the power button on a Samsung TV and where it is located.

We routinely lose our TV remote, which makes it challenging to turn it on. However, the power button included on all Samsung TVs may be used to turn on and control the TV.

But the problem is that the location of the power button varies between Samsung models, making it occasionally hard to find.

If you’re having difficulties locating the power button on your Samsung TV, this article might be of assistance.

Where to LookBrief explanation
The middle and baseOn Samsung TVs, the power button is frequently found just below the center of the screen. The actual power button on your smartphone can look a little different. But you can find it right here. To find it, just reach down and feel about it.
Bottom, front rightThe receiver should be underneath the front right corner of your Samsung TV (this is what your remote interacts with). Behind that receiver, there is a little power switch. It is simple to miss. As soon as you see the TV going on and off, swiftly move around this area.
Left or right front bezel (touch control)Your TV should switch on by lightly touching the region where the push button label is visible. Make careful to search there as well as not many earlier Samsungs had this touch key on the front left bezel. Be patient; the TV usually has to be touched and takes a moment to respond.
Back, right sideLook at the rear, right side of your TV by moving it a little farther away from the wall. There must be a tiny power button there. It may be useful to get a flashlight if you are unable to see it. Make sure the back left side is also empty if the right rear side is empty. Even though I am not aware of any models that have the exact power button arrangement (rear left), if you haven’t already, I would check it out to be sure.
An overview

On a Samsung TV, where is the power button?

The center of the majority of Samsung TVs contains a power button. Check 2) If the TV isn’t there, below the front right corner.

Check The left or right side of the TV’s front bezel (touch control) and also The rear of the TV’s right side. Finding the physical power control button that arrives with every Samsung TV only requires a little effort.

Samsung tv
Samsung TV

1) The middle and base

The power button on your Samsung TV is often located just beneath the center of the TV. Depending on the device you have, the real power button could be slightly different.

Nevertheless, it can be located here. Simply reach down and feel around to locate it.

2) Bottom, front right

The power button’s placement is just horrible! Samsung appeared to be playing a game of hide and seek. On your Samsung TV, the receiver should be on the front right, below (this is what your remote interacts with).

There’s a little power switch immediately behind that receiver. It is easy to overlook. Push around here as quickly as you notice the TV turning on and off.

3) Left or right front bezel (touch control)

There are several touch control power buttons, up and down volume controls, channel controls, etc. on Samsung TVs. These touch control buttons are often located on the TV’s front right bezel.

Despite being simple to miss, if you look closely you will see it. By lightly touching the area where the push button label is visible, your TV should turn on.

Since a few older Samsung models have had this touch key on the front left bezel, ensure that you look there as well. Be patient; the TV typically requires touching and a brief delay before responding.

Big Samsung tv
Samsung LED

4) Back, right side

If you’ve looked everywhere and yet still can’t find the pushbutton on your Samsung TV, it’s probably on the back of the unit. Once more, Samsung has clumsily positioned its power button.

Move your TV a bit further away from the wall and look at the back, right side. A little power button must be present there. If you can’t see it, it could be worthwhile to get a flashlight.

If the right rear side is vacant, be certain the back left side is also empty. Although I am not aware of any versions with the precise power button layout (rear left), I would check it out just to make sure if you haven’t already.

How to use a Samsung TV most effectively without a remote?

All Samsung TVs come with a tv remote, however, if you lose it or if the batteries die, you may still operate your TV by utilizing the following methods. Control With The Control Stick‘s Directional Buttons Or The TV’s Control Button

The power button, which on certain models serves as the only control button, may be used to turn on the TV. Pressing the corresponding buttons a second time after turning on the TV will display a menu with the following options.

  • Power Off 
  • Volume Up 
  • Volume Down 
  • Sources Channel Up
  • Channel Down

To select an option, you will have to click the control button repeatedly; to go on to the next option, you should only have to touch it once.

Use the SmartThings app for Samsung Remote TV to operate

You can use a mobile device to operate Samsung TVs if you download the Samsung Remote Smart Things app. For this, the following procedures must be followed:

  • Download the app from the Google Play Store first before installing it.
  • After the download is complete, you may use the app and connect it to your TV.
  • Check to see if the Wi-Fi source, phone, and TV are all connected to the same network.

You are now ready to use the app to control your TV.

How to operate the Smart Things app on Samsung TV with a Remote?

The red button on the power button is used to switch it on and off the TV.

  • To increase or reduce volume, press + or – on the volume button, which is to the left of the power button.
  • The channel button is on the right side, and pushing + or – will switch to the next or previous channel, respectively.
  • Underneath the power button is where the mute button can be found, and below that is where the exit button can be found. To access the setting, click the button next to volume.
  • To return to the previous item, click the return button, which is next to the settings button

You may click on the home button adjacent to the return button to get to the Smarthub and Sources. Start turning the button adjacent to the Home button to use the touchpad for navigation instead of the buttons in this software.

samsung tv interface
Samsung TV’s Interface

How to resolve the Samsung TV not powering on, problem?

Your TV could not be turned on for a number of reasons. Well first of all, if your standby light is not on, the TV cannot be powered. The standby light needs to be on even when the television is off.

If that’s the case, make sure the power supply is turned on. If indeed the button is on but the standby light is still out, you could check the breakers to see if they have tripped, as this might also be the reason why your TV doesn’t have power.

If the Standby light is on but you can’t turn the TV on using the remote, you may need to troubleshoot it. After removing the remote’s batteries, hold down the reset button for 10 seconds.

After that, check to see whether it still works by re-installing the batteries. Whether you’re still experiencing issues, check if changing the batteries helps. If so, perhaps your issues will be fixed.

User Manuals for Samsung TV (all models and years)

If you’re still having trouble finding the power switch on your Samsung TV, look in the user guide for your particular model and year. You should be able to find the exact model number located on the back of your TV.

Here is a wonderful collection of Samsung support’s TV instructions, arranged by year. You may usually find a schematic in the manual that describes each button on your TV in great detail.

Video tutorial on finding Samsung tv’s power button

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of a Samsung Smart TV?

You may utilize voice commands on the Samsung Smart TV with Bixby, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant. Just say the words using the one you feel most at ease with. You receive responses, things are completed, and a new level of simplicity and convenience.

What is the purpose of Samsung TV?

The capacity to access material outside of traditional TV channels is a Smart TV’s greatest benefit. Your preferred video-on-demand (VOD) services, like Netflix, Amazon, and YouTube, along with music streaming services, like Spotify, and even a variety of games and sports content, are all available on a smart TV.

What does Samsung smart TV include?

What services does a smart TV offer? With Samsung Smart TVs, you can quickly and easily access the biggest selection of 4K content, including applications from Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV, NOW TV, BT Sport, and other popular streaming services.

Why are power buttons important for a TV?

The power button is one of the most important parts of any electronic device. It allows you to switch on and switch off the device. Similarly, in Samsung TV there is a power button through which you can function your device. Volume can also be set through the button.


  • Samsung relocates the power button with each new TV model. The power button is often located just beneath the center of the TV.
  • Touch control buttons are often located on the TV’s front right bezel.
  • Samsung appears to be playing a game of hide and seek with its power button placement.
  • The standby light needs to be on even when the television is off. The power button is where the mute button can be found, and below that is where the Exit button can be found.
  • To access the setting, click the button next to volume.

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