Samsung SmartThings News, Updates, and New Product Integrations

Samsung SmartThings News, Updates, and New Product Integrations. We talk about the Galaxy Home Mini, the SmartThings Cam 360, How Samsungs is changing the Connected Vehicle through new communication tech, the new Samsung SmartHome Wizard app, and new updates and product integrations from Smart Home vendors around the world. Apart from the UNPACKED 2020 event, Samsung is driving Innovation.

Samsung Galaxy Home Mini

We went to CES 2020 ready to see the Galaxy Home Mini. Yes, they had Ballie, which was pretty cool, but then it was not functioning as well as they expected. So, back to the Galaxy Home Mini: we asked where the Galaxy Home Mini was. It was there for the first few days, then it was not available anymore. Lots of whispering between people when we asked. The Galaxy Home Mini was to be the next generation in Home Automation from Samsung. Pretty much everything you could think of built-in. Bluetooth, Thread, WiFi, Zigbee, Z-Wave, and even an IR Controller. Ok, this device was going to blow our socks off, but no, it was removed from the CES 2020 display.

Samsung SmartThings Cam 360

We also noticed something else that was neat at CES 2020. The SmartThings Cam 360. It was not publicized, but it was surrounding the Samsung Robot chef exhibition. It was mounted in each corner up on the ceiling. Nobody mentioned it, but we noticed it and took some pictures. Apparently (we asked), the SmartThings Cam 360 has two-way audio, can pan 360 (hence the name), tilt capable, and 1080p resolution. It may also have ‘Way-point’ Tracking. Meaning the camera will move to a location where a trigger or sensor is activated. So if you’re contact sensors on your door is triggered, the SmartThings 360 Cam would automatically pan or tilt to that door. Bosma X1 has this option right now. It’s a new feature for smart cameras. I hope that Samsung can develop an intuitive interface for this. The SmartThings Cam 360 might come out mid-2020.

Connected Vehicle Samsung Antenna Fin

I really like this Automation space. I think the Vehicle has to be the automation hub to develop in 2020. Samsung is an innovator in all things tech right now. They are working on the antenna fin on vehicles right now. You probably have noticed the new antenna fins getting really small and aerodynamic. That antenna fin usually holds two or three antennas that function as Wi-Fi, GPS, and Radio. The current standard is 5 antennas in a fin. Samsung is working on having 12! This means the vehicle could have WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, Radio, or any other combination of antennas that could connect your vehicle to the IoT world. I love this. I’m ready to make my own Starfleet shuttle now.

Samsung HomeCare Wizard

There is a new App within the SmartThings suite of products: Samsung HomeCare Wizard. This is a great way to ensure that your home appliances are connected properly. It’s really new and needs to work out a few things, so give it some patience. The applications are huge. Think about getting information about how your appliances or devices are actually working. Very intuitive.

Blaze Automation, Sensi Thermostat, Brilliant Dimmers, Shelly and more

Brian talks about the Updates on Samsung SmartThings and Updates on New Product integrations in the video below: Blaze Automation is working up Z-Wave storm in India, and Brilliant is making dimmers intuitive to use. Shelly Smart Products, The idea is that these products will integrate with SmartThings. Check it out.

Thanks for reading and watching, and Don’t Hate, Automate.

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