Samsung Galaxy UNPACKED 2020 Event: The Age of Experience

The Samsung Galaxy UNPACKED 2020 event in San Francisco was really pushing the “The Age of Experience” in their release of the new Galaxy S20 and new Z-Flip phone. Both of the new phones boast some trail-blazing technology.

Samsung Vision

Samsung explained at CES 2020 how they were finding ways to meet the needs of Global Consumer. They broke down their vision into three categories: The Individual, The Home, and The City.

  • The Individual: Staying connected. Meeting your personal needs when you need something, and not having to wait.
  • The Home: Reducing the boundaries between digital world and the physical world is shrinking.
  • The City: Managing how we get around Safely and Easier.

Samsung was able to show how these phones would meet the need of the Individual.

Samsung Z Flip phone

Rebecca Hirst (Head of UK Mobile Marketing) came on the stage to present the Samsung Z Flip. The folded Z Flip fit right in Rebecca ‘s hand. It boasts a 6.7″ screen with minimal bezel. It comes in three colors Mirror-Purple, Black, and in some countries Gold. There is a slight LED display on the back that shows pertinent information and can be used as a small selfie screen and view-finder when taking photos. Pretty innovative. You can already see the number of generations that will continue to a full display on both sides of the phone. This is where Samsung will show they are changing the category for phones.

Flex Mode: Free-stop hinge. It has a flex-mode, so you can watch YouTube or video chat on the top part of the screen, and do something else on the bottom part. Night Hyper-lapse so you don’t need flash for most night photos. The hinge is quite a feat of engineering with intricate gearing and layers of foldable mesh to keep dirt and debris out. It’s available Feb 14 for $1,380.

Z Flip in Fashion – Thom Browne: Samsung is partnering with Fashion Designer Thom Browne to integrate Top fashion with top technology in their devices. Samsung showed all the different wearables with the Thom Brown edition striping.

Samsung Mobile: Cutting Edge of Innovation

The President of Samsung Mobile Dr. TM Roh came on the stage to talk about Samsung’s excitement for 2020 and how they are continuing their vision to be on the Cutting Edge of Innovation.

Samsung wants to be the Innovator of New Mobile Experiences

  • That is more private and secure; and
  • Intelligent between devices

Samsung showed off these concepts in the new Galaxy S20

History of Galaxy S

Dr. Roh explained that in 2011, they started the Galaxy Note. The phone has gone through so many unique developments since. The most recent notable phone released was the Galaxy Fold. Now, the Galaxy S will rely on 5G technology by being an Innovator of Mobile Experiences, converging 5G, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT). Samsung also told the audience that they would be using Samsung Knox, an integrated chip to ensure privacy and personal security. It looks like a page from the book of Google here with the Titan. They wanted to build the Galaxy S line with great mobile experiences such as music and video. That is why they have partnered with Microsoft, Netflix, and Spotify.

Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra

In comes the new Galaxy S20/S20+/S20 Ultra. By the way, the whole UNPACKED 2020 event was recorded using the Galaxy S20 line of phones. Drew Blackard, Head of US Mobile Product Management presented the new S20 mobile device. Samsung wanted to explain that they are at the forefront of bringing 5G infrastructure into the mobile environment. They recently installing 100,000 5G base stations in South Korea.

S20 Camera System

This is where you can see the competition with Google Pixel 4. The Galaxy S20 boasts a high has 100x digital Space Zoom with 30x zoom.

The AI on-board: You can now use Single-Take mode, so you don’t have to think about which mode you need while taking photos or videos. Once you take your shot, Single-Take will give you options of what you need to do with your media: enhance, night vision, slow mode. The S20 will now suggest options for you. The AI will also sort and organize your photos based on the type of content, which mode you are taking the media, and group them intuitively.

8K Video Revolution: The videos can now be taken on 8K. Samsung’s vision is that you can take your 8K video, share it over 5G, and then tap the media to cast it to your 8K TV. Quality, Fast, and Accessible.

The camera technology is available on all three models of the Galaxy S20.

Galaxy S20 Ultra: Samsung’s most powerful camera processor. 108 MP Camera! Samsung Ultra uses 9-in-1 Pixel Binning. Ok, that’s a technology where the actual pixel on your camera is now virtually split into a 3×3 pixel grid. More resolution. Where are they going to store this much information!!?

Cutting Edge Zoom, 100x Space Zoom: The Camera has a folded lens to produce a powerful zoom. 10X hybrid Zoom, However, with digital AI intervention, it can zoom 100X. I don’t see a lot of phone cameras that have pushed this. Samsung has was able to show some amazing examples of zooming to landmarks such as Alcatraz and Museum from a far off from San Francisco with the 30x and 100x zoom.

Media: Samsung Galaxy Partnership with Netflix

Netflix: Samsung showed off its S20 partnership with Netflix. They showed how they filmed ‘El Camino’ (Breaking Bad) with the S20. Netflix is being introduced as Samsung’s Entertainment Partner. Limited Samsung Mobile users will now have exclusive access to Netflix bonus content. They are hoping that creators will be able to tell their stories with ease and quality with Samsung technology. Netflix will be integrated with Samsung Daily, so you can access mobile entertainment when you want it.

Video Calls: Samsung Galaxy Partnership with Google

Video Calls: Samsung is partnering with Google. Google Duo will be integrated with the S20 and Z-Flip. They are really relying on the future of 5G to get quality videos while making Google Duo calls. One amazing feature is the live texting feature that will display for those who are audio-impaired.

Gaming: Samsung Galaxy Partnership with Microsoft Xbox

Gaming: 120 Hz refresh rate. The new SLPDDR5 16GB Ram chip. This means that Samsung means business when talking about mobile gaming. Microsoft has helped Samsung with their gaming experience. Xbox studio is bringing 4K game streaming to Samsung devices. They are working together to bring a could-gaming experience.

Galaxy Buds+ with S20: Partnership with Spotify

The Galaxy Buds+ are a new and improved earbud with 2 speakers built into each earphone. Samsung’s new partnership with Spotify gives you suggested music and playlists based on your listening history. The Buds have 3 microphones instead of one, balancing ambient noise while responding to your voice command. Samsung expects the Galaxy Buds+ to l work seamlessly to connect to your Samsung devices. The Samsung Galaxy Buds+ will have wireless charging. They state that 3 minutes of charging gives you 1 hour of playtime. They boast a total battery life of 22 hours. Galaxy Buds+ will be available on February 14, 2020, for $149.

Galaxy S20 S20+ and S20 Ultra

The New Samsung Galaxy S20 ($999), S20+ ($1,199) and S20 Ultra ($1,399) is available on pre-order for March 6, 2020. The S10 will now observe reduced pricing as of today, February 11, 2020.

Samsung Partnership with Google

They are really celebrating their partnership with Google. Samsung invited Google to tell the Galaxy Series story since 2010 and how Google has been side by side with Samsung to develop new technology within the Galaxy Series of mobile devices:

  • Android 5G: Google claims to be the only operating system to work with 5G as of today.
  • Google Duo: Seamless connection and quality on Samsung devices.
  • Flip UI: Google Duo and YouTube premium functioning with split screens and new interactions.
  • Accessibility: Live caption enabled on video calls. Samsung will be the first Android running device to use Live Caption technology.

Samsung Galaxy: Innovation with Purpose

Samsung really drove home the vision for their Galaxy platform: To drive Innovation. Samsung really focused on what they are good at, bringing innovative technology to the consumer with style and purpose. The Galaxy Z-Flip will be interesting to watch how it changes the smartphone category. The Galaxy S20 line is just getting better and better with practical uses to improve your personal mobile experience.

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