RoomMe – Personal Location Sensor – Released

Imagine walking into a room that knows who is in the room and knows what the person wants to do.

Intellithings has released the new generation home automation product – RoomMe. The RoomMe Personal Location Sensor will detect the specific user entering the room, using their presence to activate their devices automatically, rather than on action or voice command.

The RoomMe uses Intellithings patented ‘Presence Sensing Technology (PST)’ to make room-to-room, person specific smart home automation a reality by adding an extra layer of intelligence to current home automation systems. RoomMe is currently compatible with HomeKit, Wink, and Sensibo.

RoomMe – Personal Location Sensor

The RoomMe Starter Kit – which includes two RoomMe Personal Location Sensors (PLS) and access to the RoomMe smartphone app, is now available around the world at $129 USD. The RoomMe is available on Amazon and on the RoomMe website at

What is RoomMe?

RoomMe is a Personal Location Sensor that uses Intellithings patented Presence Sensing Technology (PST) to identify the person in the room.

How does RoomMe work?

RoomMe Personal Location Sensor (PLS) creates a virtual Bluetooth Low Energy threshold at the entrance of the room. The PLS reads your phone’s specific Bluetooth signature to identify you as you enter the room.

Which devices will integrate with RoomMe?

RoomMe will integrate with:
Apple HomeKit

Is RoomMe compatible with Z-Wave and Zigbee devices?

Yes, here are some it’s compatible with on day one:

Philips Hue

What Are The Features of the RoomMe?

Personalized: Smart home reacts and changes according to who is in the room.

Secure: RoomMe does not use a cloud or require internet connectivity. RoomMe does not accept external triggers or manual operations.

Private: RoomMe does not use biometric data to identify you.

Robust: All actions are made on the PLS only.