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Ring Spotlight Cam vs Ring Floodlight Cam (Comparisons)

Ring Spotlight Cam vs Ring Floodlight Cam (Comparisons)

Are you looking for the perfect outdoor security camera to protect your home and family? Look no further than Ring! With their high-quality cameras and advanced features, Ring has become a go-to choice for homeowners looking to enhance their home security.

But with so many options available, how do you choose between the Ring Spotlight Cam and the Ring Floodlight Cam?

In this guide, we’ll break down the similarities and differences between these two popular Ring cameras, so you can make the best choice for your home security needs.

Video QualityBoth of these cameras provide comparable photos when using natural light. At night, we begin to notice certain variations, primarily in the image and brightness. The Ring Floodlight (1800 lumens) is more than 5 times brighter than the Spotlight Battery (300-350 lumens).
AudioBoth the Spotlight and Floodlight include an audible siren that is approximately 110 dB loud.
The Ring AppThe Ring app performs the same functions for both cameras.
PricingEach Ring Floodlight camera costs around $200 while the Ring Spotlight camera costs approximately $350 for two.
DesignBoth Cameras have similar designs.
FeaturesAside from the differences in lighting, the features of these two cameras are identical.
Which one is better?Ring Floodlight is the perfect option for lighting large areas. The Ring Spotlight works best for homeowners who need to cover a smaller area.
An overview of the article

Video Quality

1080p-full HD

On paper, these two cameras have the same 1080p video quality. That is HD quality, which is clear enough to distinguish between huge and small figures.

In natural light, both of these cameras produce similar images. We do start to notice some differences at night, mostly in the picture and brightness.

The light from the Ring Floodlight is substantially brighter, which makes the figures on the screen clearer and easier to distinguish features.

While the Floodlight cam has a big floodlight on each side of the camera, the Spotlight cam comes with a little spotlight mounted on the camera.

This results in a huge difference in light output. The Ring Floodlight (1800 lumens) is over 5 times brighter than the Spotlight Battery (300-350 lumens).

It should be noted that the maximum light output rises to 375 lumens if you choose the Ring Spotlight Wired camera. All of the functions of the Spotlight Battery are present in this camera.


When it comes to audio, both the Ring Spotlight Cam and Ring Floodlight Cam offer similar features. Both cameras come with built-in two-way audio, allowing you to hear and speak to anyone on your property through the Ring app. This feature is especially useful for communicating with delivery drivers or deterring potential intruders.

The Ring Floodlight Cam does have one additional audio feature that the Spotlight Cam does not have. It comes with a built-in 110-decibel siren that can be activated remotely through the Ring app. This can be a powerful tool to scare off potential intruders or alert neighbors to a dangerous situation.

Overall, both cameras offer strong audio features that can help enhance your home security. However, if you’re looking for a camera with a built-in siren, the Ring Floodlight Cam may be the better option for you.

The Ring App

Ring App
Ring App

Whichever of these cameras you own, the Ring app functions the same. You can pair any address’s Ring cameras, lights, or doorbells with the app and manage them from a single location.

The following are some of the features available in the app:

  • Custom motion zones: Identify certain places you want to pay closer attention to.
  • Activities review: examine all previously saved activity on the cloud (amount of footage may vary based on subscription plan)
  • Watch a live feed: You can view the camera’s live broadcast at any time, 24/7.
  • Change settings: adjust parameters such as brightness,
  • Share: Send videos to others or let family members use the camera together to share.

After being set up, the Floodlight Cam enables you to create unique motion zones.


When it comes to pricing, the Ring Spotlight Cam and Ring Floodlight Cam are quite similar, with some variation depending on the specific model you choose. The starting prices for both cameras are around the same range, making them both accessible options for homeowners looking to enhance their home security.

The Ring Spotlight Cam has a range of models, including the battery-powered, wired, and mount versions, all starting at $199.99. The battery-powered version provides flexibility and convenience, while the wired and mount versions offer a more permanent installation option. The Ring Floodlight Cam, on the other hand, has a starting price of $249.00 and offers an all-in-one solution with built-in floodlights.

It’s worth noting that while the Ring Spotlight Cam has a slightly lower starting price than the Ring Floodlight Cam, the costs can quickly add up depending on the number of cameras you need and the additional features you want to include, such as a subscription to Ring Protect. Ultimately, the choice between the two will come down to personal preferences and budget constraints.

Overall, both the Ring Spotlight Cam and Ring Floodlight Cam offer reliable and effective home security solutions at reasonable prices.


Ring Spotlight Cam
Ring Spotlight Cam

Although the Floodlight Camera and the Ring Spotlight have similar designs, the Floodlight is significantly larger and has more powerful light.

The body of the Spotlight camera is rectangular and contains a built-in light on one side. On the back is a traditional ball mount that places a hardware mount on the outside of your building.

With the addition of two extremely bright lights above the camera, the Floodlight camera essentially has the same appearance as the Spotlight camera.


Apart from the differences in lighting, the overall features of these two cameras are the same. The following are features shared by Spotlight and Floodlight:

  • Motion Detection: detects motion within a range of 140°.
  • Two-Way Audio: This feature enables you to both hear what’s happening in the video and to converse with the subject using the camera’s audio output.
  • 24/7 Live Video: able to capture material for continuous live video playback.
  • App Control: Utilize wifi pairing and cloud video storage to see the camera footage from your smartphone or another device.
  • Multiple Pairing: combine several cameras, whether inside or outdoors, for comprehensive home security
  • Motion Zones: Customize up to 6 different zones to make sure the camera is focusing on the most crucial regions.

Which one is better?

When it comes to choosing between the Ring Spotlight Cam and the Ring Floodlight Cam, it really depends on your specific needs and preferences.

The Ring Spotlight Cam is a sleek and compact camera that provides high-quality video footage and excellent motion detection capabilities. It’s perfect for those looking for a discreet camera that won’t detract from the aesthetic of their home. The Spotlight Cam also features a built-in spotlight that can be activated by motion, making it an excellent choice for those looking to illuminate dark areas of their property.

On the other hand, the Ring Floodlight Cam is a larger and more powerful camera that provides excellent coverage and unparalleled visibility. It features two powerful floodlights that can be controlled via the Ring app, allowing you to illuminate your property with ease. Additionally, the Floodlight Cam has advanced motion detection capabilities, allowing you to receive alerts for even the slightest movement.

When it comes down to it, the better camera for you depends on your specific needs. If you’re looking for a discreet camera that won’t draw attention, the Spotlight Cam is the way to go. But if you want powerful floodlights and advanced motion detection, the Floodlight Cam is the clear winner.

In terms of video quality, both cameras offer 1080p HD video with night vision capabilities. Additionally, both cameras can be controlled via the Ring app, allowing you to monitor your property from anywhere at any time.

Ultimately, the decision between the Ring Spotlight Cam and the Ring Floodlight Cam comes down to your specific needs and preferences. So, take a close look at your home security requirements and choose the camera that best fits your needs – whether it’s the sleek and discreet Spotlight Cam or the powerful Floodlight Cam.

Ring Floodlight vs Spotlight Cam

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Floodlight Cam Wired Plus and Floodlight Cam Wired Pro?

Answer: Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Plus includes Live View, Two-Way Talk, Advanced Motion Detection, Customizable Motion Zones, Customizable Privacy Settings, and an easy-to-use app.

Can I leave Ring Floodlight on all night?

Answer: Yes, the Ring Floodlight can stay on. Turn it on and off through the Ring app or set up an automatic on/off schedule.

Does Ring Floodlight Cam have night vision?

Answer: The Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Plus is an outdoor security camera. The Floodlight Cam Wired Plus has Customizable Motion Zones, Live Views, and Color Night Vision that are controlled from the Ring app.

Can Ring spotlight camera be hacked?

Answer: Yes, Ring devices can be hacked if you don’t use proper security measures.


  • Both of these cameras generate images that are comparable in natural light. But we start to notice certain differences at night, particularly in the picture and brightness.
  • The Spotlight and Floodlight’s sirens both have an audible volume of about 110 dB.
  • The Ring app serves the same purpose for both cameras.
  • The Ring Floodlight costs around $200 per camera. The cost of the Spotlight ring cameras is approximately $350 for two.
  • The Ring Floodlight and the Ring Spotlight both have similar designs.
  • The general features of these two cameras are identical, with the exception of the variations in lighting.
  • If you need to be able to light up a bigger region, the Ring Floodlight is the perfect option. The Ring Spotlight works best for homeowners who need to cover a smaller area and who do not want “in-color” night vision or sophisticated motion detection.

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