Play Your Favorite Music with One Tap from your Tablet or Phone using Google Action Blocks

You can now Play Your Favorite Music with One Tap from your Tablet or Phone using Google Action Blocks. Now you don’t even have to open the YouTube Music App and search for your music. You can now have the Music Artist or Genre queued up in one Button. We are going to show you how to set up the music playing Action Block here

Play Your Favorite Music using Action Blocks

  • Once you install Google Action Blocks, you’ll see it on your home screen on your Android device (tablet or mobile phone).
  • Open up the Google Action Blocks App. You will then see the home screen to create your Action Block.
  • Click ‘+ Create Action Block
  • Choose from the options given: We are going to select “Play Music“.
  • Action Blocks will ask you what you want the Action Blocks to do. The default is: “Play Beatles Music on YouTube Music”. However, I’m going to change the Music and say “Play Royalty Free Music on YouTube Music“.
  • Press “Test Action.” I recommend this every time. You never know what Google might play or understand. You might have issues with YouTube Music vs. Google Play Music at this time.
  • Tap the Next button. Action Blocks has this nice icon of headphones with soundwave inside. I chose that, but if it’s not copyrighted, you could use a picture of your favorite artist.
  • Then you’ll need to enter 2 to 4 words description for the Action Block button. My Example: Royalty-Free Music
  • Now I can listen to some awesome music with a touch of a button on my phone or tablet. Voila. Now you can too!

YouTube Music started playing: Cinematic Emotional by AshamaluevMusic. Pretty powerful instrumental. I think I like this accessibility.

Making Music Accessible to Everyone with Action Blocks

Imagine a child or someone who needs special assistance to select things on your tablet. Since you can pre-program or ‘speed-dial’ these Action Blocks, it will make it so much easier for your child or special needs to comprehend the Action Block to meet the need. I would recommend giving this a try. You will open up the opportunities for that special someone to listen to some inspiring music.

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