Watch Your Favorite YouTube Creator with a Touch of a Button using Action Blocks

Want to use the full power of Google Assistant to access the YouTube Content Creator of your choice? You can do this with Google Action Blocks. The Action Blocks service was just released by Google in the last few weeks. Talk about saving time. You can get your latest video from your favorite YouTube creator with a touch of a button on your Android home screen. I’ll show you how.

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Action Blocks : Play Video

Let’s get started, shall we? The first thing you’ll need is your Android Tablet or Phone.

  • Open your Google Play Store App on your phone or tablet.
  • Search for “Action Blocks” or “Google Action Blocks”. You will see the Action Blocks icon. Click it to go the Action Blocks App store page.
  • Install the Action Blocks App. Once installed, you will see the home screen for Action Blocks.
  • Touch the “+ Create Action Block”
  • You will see a bunch of options for Google Action Blocks on the screen. In this article, we are trying to connect to your favorite YouTube Creator. In our case, it’s Automate Your Life of course.
  • Press the “Play video” button.
  • You will see a default line in the Action Block: “Play a cat video on YouTube”. Now if you’re into cats (I think Google has already profiled you), fine. But I’m not. I’m into the latest video from Automate Your Life.
  • Enter the YouTube Channel “Play [latest Automate Your Life] video on YouTube.”
  • You can then Test this action right below the line. I suggest you do it. Sometimes asking Google Assistant to play something specific could bring up other things like…
    • Play Automate Your Soul, or
    • Play Automate song video
    • This action will require some playing with. I started with [Automate Your Life] and then changed it to [latest Automate Your Life video…]” It worked after a few tries to isolate Google Assistant to the specific thing I was asking for.
  • Once you’ve got the command tested, you can then edit the Name of the Button you have just created. It requests up to 4 words for the Button. I named the Action Block button: Automate Your Life YT.
  • Done. Now you will have a button/widget on your screen. Just press it. No need to ask Google Assistant. No need to look for your search button. No need to use your voice. Just press it and you’ll have your favorite YouTube Creator at your fingertips!

Action Blocks for your Android Device

It’s interesting that Google initially released this App for accessiblity, however, its become a great tool to save you time and money. I’m having fun using Google Action Blocks. I’m probably going to have certain pages on my phone or tablet just for my favorite Home Automation YouTube Creators and another for… cats?

Remember, Don’t Hate. Automate.

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