So the Pixel 6 has been teased and speculated from so many sources, it’s probably a real thing by now. Then what about the Pixel 5A? One source even mentioned that the Pixel 5A was canceled, then updated that story to say that’s its still alive. I don’t think Google would skip a number, would they? Unless it’s an unlucky number? In other Google news, 9to5Google released that you can now find your silenced iPhone with Google Assistant! Say what!?

Finding your silenced iPhone with Google Assistant

Google has made an improvement to Google Assistant. You can now find your iPhone using your Google Smart Display. This means that Apple has granted Google Home the ability on iOS to enable the phone user to set up “Finding your phone with Assistant.” If your iPhone is set on silent, this feature will bypass it and allow you to play alert sounds on your iPhone. Cool compatibility with Google Home, no?

Pixel 6 – Whitechapel

Yes, more details have come out about the future Pixel 6 phone. Tom’s Guide. What we heard was that Google was developing their own silicon; the Whitechapel. However, there are rumors that the new codenames to the Pixel 6, might include a foldable version? Speculation with the codenames Passport (sounds so blackberry btw), Raven, Oriole.

The Pixel 6 is expected to be released in October 2021. However, that should mean that the Pixel 5A should sooner than later now.

Here’s a 9to5Google story about Whitechapel

Pixel 5A

Image Source: @OnLeaks, Pixel 5A render (leaked)

XDA Developers have been talking about the Pixel 5A. At first, there were reports that the Pixel 5A 5G was cancelled due to chip shortages. However, that story has been updated. It’s back on folks. Just don’t have confirmation of when. Most likely May (Q2 2021)? Speculation based on the Pixel 6 coming out in October? Oh, how does this work for mobile phone releases? Does it actually help sell phones to release them so close to each other?

As mentioned above, Google leaked device codenames like Oriole, Passport, Raven and Barbette. One of these phones could be the Pixel 5A 5G. XDA Developers says the Pixel 5A is Barbette.

It looks like the Pixel 5A is a bit longer, but a tad thicker than the Pixel 4A 5G. Maybe the same 8MP camera? Medium flagship phone?

Here’s more from XDA Developers on the Pixel 5A

Image Source: @OnLeaks

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