Pixel 4A, Pixel Buds, Safera Cooking Sense, Sonos

So, it looks like there are more rumors on the Pixel 4A, or another Google phone for that matter. The Pixel Buds that were announced at the MadebyGoogle event last year is on its way to market. We’re also trying out something new in the Automate Your Life kitchen! Oh, and Sonos is making some noise in the Smart Home Security Space, and you get to pick – Check it out.

Pixel 4A or something like that

There are tons of videos and articles on the net trying to decipher the next Pixel Phone. We talked about this before Christmas. The codenames on the opensource code channels are really funny. “Bramble” and “Sunfish” have been dispersed showing that specs are being developed for the next phone (whether Pixel or another Google Phone). People are talking about how these codenamed phones will either have Snapdragon 730 or Snapdragon 765 [That’s a 5G processor]. That would be pretty cool. The fingerprint sensor might come back – I really like the fingerprint sensor on my Pixel 2 XL. Actually, I think the Pixel 2 XL functions quite well – just saying. Note: These are just thoughts based on rumor, not facts here. They might keep the 3-button navigation too! Just excited about new technology getting packaged into devices!

Pixel Buds

So, 9to5Google posted that the Pixel Buds might be released earlier than stated in the Madebygoogle announcement last year. I think they need to beat Microsoft here (they are rolling out the Surface buds). They have also registered their product under the Bluetooth Special Interest Group. They are using Bestechnic’s chip this time around for Bluetooth 5.0.

Safera Cooking Sense

I had the opportunity to install the Safera Sense last week. What is it? It’s an all-one sensor device that detects when you’re starting to cook, determines the heat level, monitors air quality, calculates volatile organic compounds in the air and even as a feature that helps you cook your steak perfectly – just an added bonus. The device is really simple to install. You can put it on the wall above your cooking surface or on the hood above. The Sense by Safera can also come with the Stove Guard that will shut off power to the cooking range before you burn or cause a fire. Really exciting. The device is managed on iOS right now, but Safera is continuing to make it accessible for android as well. I will talk to you more about the significance of this device very soon. Right now the device is mainly sold in Europe. You can find more details about the Safera line of products here (we may make proceeds from the link): https://www.safera.com/stove-guards/. You can also find the Safera Unicook Airis on our Amazon UK Affiliate link here: https://amzn.to/3aZBc4X

Sonos News

When we talked about ‘So No Sonos’ last Friday, it seemed there was a bit of confusion about their latest updates to their devices. Sonos announced that they were phasing out their software updates to a number of devices in May 2020. There were some hard feelings that this meant the Sonos devices would no longer work. However, Sonos clarified that the devices should still work and that they would get security updates if needed.

Well, there was some more news about Sonos this week. Sonos and abode Smart Home Security announced that the Sonos system would be integrated into abode’s Smart Home Security System. You can read about the Press Release here. It sounds like Sonos is still alive and well and ready to make some noise. It’s great that these types of services are being integrated into something that would be considered an institutional system like home security. It makes your living space more fun and enjoyable. You can check out the details in the press release.

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