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Pixel 4A Smartphone

Google released Pixel 4 on October 15, 2019. You can read about it in our MadeByGoogle release article. The Pixel 4 was announced as the cutting edge in non-touch control with the new Soli chip, Camera, 90 MHz OLED display, and hybrid Google Assistant that responds on the fly. Google is rumored to release the Pixel 4A, a budget-conscious version of the new Pixel 4. People are expecting the Pixel 4A to add another lens or field of view to the camera… but I think Pixel might just do some value-engineering and make it less robust to make it better for your wallet. Google Pixel 4A releases May 2020 perhaps? Does this mean Pixel 5 is already behind that?

Christmas With Google

So, it’s is CHRISTMAS!! you know. I’m excited about that. My family is more excited about it. I hope you can be excited too! There are tons of ways to enjoy Christmas with Google Home. Brian shows you 12 different things to do with Google Home to engage your kids. Remember the quote from Home Alone?: “Merry Christmas, ya Filthy Animal”. Oh ya, Google will do that for you. Can you imagine having that on your Nest Doorbell? Anyhow, you can check in with Santa at the North Pole, ask for a silly Christmas joke! Your kids will love it. You might get a chuckle too! Google will also read-along certain books. You can buy them here: or check out the list at the end of the article. Feel free to watch.

Google Fuschia

I don’t know how many times you can say Fuschia in a row. Maybe the name was designed to roll off the tongue. Anyhow, Google is going to release Fuschia. If you’ve been following with food types, KitKat, Oreo and other Android Version Names (Wikipedia). The significance of Fuschia is about merging the Chrome OS experience with Android OS and possibly enhancing it to make it into something solid and consistent with any Google/Android/Chrome device. Like Windows or Apple OS. Remember last week, we talked about Google implementing Structured Data within Google Assistant? You can refer to that article here: Wyze Lock, Structured Content…. Structured Data has been a method for users to extract information on websites. Google is now using that method to organize all data with Google Assistant. If you can collect that information in a structured format, it will be easier and faster to find it, and much easier for Google to predict with Ambient Computing.

The point on Fuschia: Google is working on building a way to have everything talk to each other, so the experience for anything Google will have one operating system that will operate much faster and provide more information. One operating system that will actually function across all devices no matter what it is – and it will be done the Google way. There might be a tablet that will operate on Fuschia very soon.

Ikea Joins Zigbee Alliance

IKEA: I’ve mentioned it before; Ikea might just rock the Smart Home. They have everything in the Home figured out already. Now they just need to automate it and do it effectively. Ikea announced their allegiance to the Zigbee Alliance board. This means that if you have the Amazon Echo Plus, Samsung SmartThings Hub, or Hubitat Elevation Home Hub, you’ll be able to control the new Ikea Zigbee devices when they are released. It’s possible that IKEA will build its own hub; maybe integrate into the newest version of the Ikea Symfonisk or another central IKEA device. Since everything Ikea is close by, the Zigbee protocol might be the best fit.

Flic Buttons

I just received some Flic Buttons a few days ago. We received them from Shortcut Labs. I’m really excited about using them in my Garage Automation Experiment. Once I get them programmed, I think I could use them as a complete shutoff of everything in the garage, or another type of doorbell that sends an email or text to me if someone in the household needs help. Press, Double-press or hold-down the Flic Button. You can do so many things with a click of a Flic:

  • Notify a group of people of some event
  • Play music
  • Set up a routine in the house – a morning routine for lights, temperature, streaming, etc.
  • Order something with your favorite food delivery app
  • Forward slides in a presentation
  • Turn on or off everything in the home or setup

I’m excited about the potential automation ideas of Flic Button. If you’re interested, you can use the provided link to purchase your own kit:

Amaryllo Zeus

Amaryllo Inc. was kind enough to allow us to try out the Amaryllo Zeus and Hermes Biometric Security Cameras. I’ll be quick about these cameras. They are definitely high functioning AI-powered. You can watch Brian talk about the Zeus Biometric Smart Home Camera – Zero Installation. Just need a light socket for the Zeus

Amaryllo Hermes

I’ll add a short paragraph here about the Hermes portable Biometric Smart Home Camera too. It’s quite small, easy to install and has pretty much everything its powerhouse Father, Zeus, has, but in a nice small package that you can easily install to a laptop or USB port to begin surveillance. It tracks and recognizes people in the room, and can notify you of intrusion.

Garage Automation Experiment with Zeus Biometric Camera and Flic Buttons

I’m pretty stoked about creating more options for automating my Garage. You can read about where I started out here: The Garage Automation Experiment. I am thinking I can use both the Wyze Cam and install the Zeus to see which is the better Garage surveillance camera. I can also add a Flic Button to start music or turn off everything in the Garage without going out in the cold (-5 degrees Celius or 23 degrees Fahrenheit right now). Done, just a click of a button. I can also use the other two button functions (double-click or hold-down) to create other functions from one button. Easy-Peasy.

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