Yesterday, Jon Prosser tweeted a rumor that the Pixel 4A 5G and the new Pixel 5 will be launched on September 30. This is exciting news, because we’ve been awaiting for Google’s entry into the 5G market.

Pixel 4a 5G Just Black, Pixel 5 5G Just Black, and Pixel 5G Green

The Pixel 4a is now available in the United States and Japan, however, it will be ships outside the US and Japan in October. The Pixel 4a 5G based on the tweet from Jon Prosser will be arriving in October 2020 for the US. Interesting overlaps in output. Maybe its inventory, because for $349 US, these phones should fly off the shelves. The Pixel 4a 5G is rumored to come in Just Black, and the Pixel 5 5G phone is rumored to be available in Green and Just Black. We’ll wait and see.

Pixel 4a Review

We’re excited to try out the new Pixel 4a phone too. Just received it in the mail. We will get you a review of the phone soon. Please be sure to check out the

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