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SwitchBot Hub Plus FAQ

Wondertech Labs has created the SwitchBot Hub Plus to help you remotely control all your Infrared (IR) devices such as your Air Conditioner, TV, DVD player, Blue-Ray player, media box, Fireplace and so much more. It also uses Bluetooth-Low Energy (BLE) to act as a bridge between your appliances and Switchbots (SwitchBot, SwitchBot Meter and SwitchBot Curtain) and integrate to your smart home ecosystems (Google Home, Alexa, IFTTT). You can turn on the coffee maker or flip a switch with the SwitchBot. The SwitchBot Hub Plus gives you the versatility to take simple switches and appliance buttons and turn them into smart-home devices.

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Aeotec Garage Door Controller (Gen5) Installation Experience

I installed the Aeotec Garage Door Controller in my house last month. The Garage Door Controller runs on Z-Wave, so I needed to have a hub with it. I used the Hubitat Elevation Hub to get it running online. I will share my installation experience here on

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Amazon Echo Show and Echo Show 5 – Prime Required

If you’re thinking of buying the Echo Show or the Echo Show 5, you’ll need to realize it’s full potential. This device can be the centerpiece of information in your kitchen, bedside table, living room, or office. In order to access the services, we talked about earlier (Photos, Reading, Online Shopping, etc.) you’ll need the Prime membership to ensure that your services are running smoothly.

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