Onyx by Orion Review – What Are These Automation Devices?

via IFTTT Onyx by Orion Review – What Are These Automation Devices?

Onyx by Orion is a new home and business automation device from Orion Labs. I complete a review of these Onyx devices, and then I show you how you can use them in your home or business. This continues our series on the Onyx devices, but it’s not the last.

From a technology perspective, Onyx is extremely impressive. These are Bluetooth capable radios that I would call Radio++. They’re a unique team or family communication tool that allows you to instantly transfer communication across unlimited distance (as long as you’re both within cell tower range). Additionally, the technology within the app in terms of translation and in terms of grouping functionality makes these impressive.

From an automation perspective, IFTTT and Onyx work together. This makes an incredible amount of smart home automation possible. The other thing is business automation is incredible with these, as you can trigger all kinds of automation with them. From a simple communication perspective, this device provides all kinds of capabilities and features. The translator is so impressive, I can’t even describe it without using video.

A pair of Onyxes can be purchased with a basic subscription (which is free) for $99 USD. All said and done, you can have all the capabilities you’ll ever need for $99 USD. If you’re a business and you want a few extras (like translation), you’ll have to pay $6/month.

What are Onyx by Orion? Well, that’s hard to define exactly. They’re a team communication device, but they’re so much more than that. They’re capable of giving you a traveling translator, they’re capable of providing you with instant family communication, they’re capable of triggering both home and business automation workflows, and they do all this while letting you look like someone from Star Trek. Love it.

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