The Lenovo Smart display can provide some help in the kitchen or send you out the door to fulfill the shopping list!

What is this Lenovo Smart Display? I know of Google Home Hub, Amazon Echo Show and Apple iPads (sorry Apple).

Enter Lenovo Smart, Google-powered, you can answer a phone call, use Google Duo, play YouTube videos, check the weather, control the home, yada, yada, yada… and you can use this thing to help you get organized.

<yes> <Shop!> <Cook.>

Google Assistant provides options for dinner tonight.

I’ve always wanted to have something in the house that could be a central device to help automate the home. However it’s not just the idea of automating a house that excites me; its the idea of having a device that helps me function, saves time, give me a glance of what’s going on in the home. That’s what I like about central/functional/efficient living – you can have it on a hub… a smart display even!

Yes, it’s cliche – the kitchen is the heart of the home (please you don’t have to search whether it is – google is now sick of answering that question).

What’s for Dinner google?

The Lenovo 8 inch Smart display sits perched on the counter ready to hear you say “Ok Google, show me some recipes“. <Voila!> Then you get some options. I am not sure if Google Assistant is using the same intense archive of information it has about you, to decide what you’re favorites are. <ahem> Why did it think I liked Vegetable Bean Soup?? (it’s yummy by the way – try it :).

You can scroll down the list and search for what you want; Google Assistant formatted the screen to use the 8 inch Lenovo Smart Display. The images, fonts and menu options are fitted quite nicely on the screen, just scroll down (with your finger), or tell the smart display to show more recipes. Ok, I’ll make the Chicken Fried Steak… with Gravy please – oh ya, Google knows me well.

Note: Google Assistant’s cooking algorithm uses recipes from 13 cooking/recipe sites.

Lenovo 8 inch Smart Display allows gives Google’s recipe function as much playing room it needs, to give you as much information and instruction you need to search your recipe, get your ingredients ready, and then follow step-by-step instructions to cook your favorite menu item.

Dinner is served…

Lenovo created a great device to keep you organized, and in one placeno need to search the internet gathering recipes. It’s right there with thirteen recipe resource sites, clean information displays, and step-by-step instructions to manage your evening dinner.

Have fun cooking with your Lenovo 8-inch Smart Display.

Thank you for reading the post. Enjoy.

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