Make use of your wired headset to talk to your Google Assistant – Just need an action button.

Google has now come out with another feature that’s really exciting for people who don’t have USB headphones or wireless headphones. You can now use your wire 3.5 mm jack headphones and connected them to your pixel phone or to your phone, and you will now be able to be prompted by Google Assistant to access Google Assistant with the action button on your phone.

This is a new feature. You can only access the Google Assistant either by pressing the action button on your phone or the action button on your wireless headphones that have a virtual assistant action button.

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However, if you plug in your 3.5 mm jack into your phone, Google Assistant will be prompt you to set up your headphones. A short-press on the action button will access Google Assistant. A long-press will access your notifications, like messages, app notifications, alarms, and the sort.

This means that your wired headphones need to have an action button. I used my kid’s wired headphones. My wired headphones are at least 10 years old and do not have an action button. I don’t know many wired headphones that actually have an action button on them. Maybe I’m old school, but if you had wired headphones now, you’re probably looking for wired headphones on the cheap

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